Weekly Restock Notice!

I tell you guys what. Every week. Like clock work. I make a post telling you guys about the new items we have in stock and the old products that came back in stock. Then every week we get bombarded with people that are upset because they didn’t know an item was back in stock, or weren’t notified we had something cool coming in.

To that person I would say; “You actively weren’t paying attention then.”

Lots of companies will post product with no sort of heads up or their notification list is 10,000 emails long and sells out by the time you get an actual email. We make blog posts, we make IG posts, Facebook posts and even just word of mouth to our locals about what’s coming and restocking.

So here it is again. I’m going to post some pictures of some of the cool items we have back in stock and let you know that now is a good time to head to the website and see what’s popped up! I have personally added over 100 new items to the website this month and I know we have had several hundred items restock.

We have the new Shield Arms rifles in. We got a bunch of random Glocks that showed up. We have all the popular and new accessories up right now too. Pretty much if its something on your list of must haves. We already have it, or its on its way. So if you’re not signed up for emails. Go to the bottom of the website and sign up. Just toss in your email and every Friday evening, you’ll be notified of all of the goodies that have shown up. If you want to know before Friday, follow us on Instagram where we are often posting about the items as they arrive and before they even hit the website!

So thanks for checking out the post here today. You can stop reading now and click this link to go look and shop around! ——-> https://aimsurplus.com

More Blue mag Magic!

We talk all the time about how people geek out or are constantly trying to track down the different colored AR magazines. For example the Red and Purple Lancer Magazines or for those OD guys, the OD Green or even the pink Duramags.

Typically you don’t see too many people making handgun magazines in different colors because the magazine is stored inside the grip of the gun and you wouldn’t really ever see the color. Unlike how in an AR almost 3/4th of the mag hangs out of the receiver.

Now that PCCs have become super popular, you’re starting to see some more designs and colors making their way into the extended magazines. Technically anything but a Glock 26 mag will hag out of a 9mm Glock mag compatible AR9. So it’s cool to see places like ETS now jumping on the train. We just started carrying these Blue 32rd stick mags. You get that little bit of a cool factor knowing that you get to accent your rifle with a little bit of color that isn’t mainstream like FDE and Black.

Hopefully, you’ll start to see other companies jumping on board with other colors and designs. PCC stuff is exploding in popularity and growing more and more every day. I think you will see these magazine manufacturers start realizing that and you’ll see them trying to keep up with the trend. Until then, we have the blue ETS mags in stock on the website and they are super cool!

Single Stacks, Super Slick

Polymer 80 has finally started shipping their 80% Glock 43 single stack frames! We have seen parts kits, slides, and barrels popping up for the 43 everywhere lately. The downside is there are no readily available frames.

Polymer80 is once again filling a gap in the market where we have let one be for way too long. Lots of people are interested in 80% firearms for many reasons. We aren’t going to get too deep into that here because we already have on a different post. Go check that one out if you’re interested. The cool thing though is that these are coming out when the 43X and 48 are so popular.

The biggest positive I can see for these frames is for those of us that are already running a gun on the 48/43x platform. Basically, if you buy a Polymer80 43 frame, you get the ability to run that slide on the frame. So you can have a long framed 43, or a normal 43 if you have the 43X. The flip side is if you have a 48. You basically have a long 43X or a 43 long slide. You get the benefit of the longer sight radius and better accuracy of the 48. Then the easier to conceal frame of the 43. It gives you the ability to run multiple configurations with just 1 gun and an extra frame.

Check these frames out on the website because we just got them in stock. The demand for them once people see we have them is going to be insane. This is your chance to get them before anybody notices. GO! run! Good luck!

We Grow Again!

A few weeks back I posted that we were hiring. Now just a few short week later we are back at it! We did not anticipate the growth that we have made to be this demanding. With that being said, we are still looking for a full-time warehouse employee! If you have 2 hands, are able to work 8hrs a day 5 days a week, and can keep up with our shipping pace, then do I have the job position for you!

I’ll be honest, the 2 hands part isn’t even a deal-breaker. If you can shove product in boxes and tape it up at a reasonable pace, then you’re a few steps ahead of some of the other guys we have had in the past! If you’re interested in working for an AWESOME gun store that’s been in the industry for many years. If you like discounts on ammo and love to shoot. If you hate guns but know how to work hard, then we want you!

Please send all applications and resumes to [email protected] and we will reach out to you when the time comes!

Work Together, Train Together

One thing I can say that I enjoy about working for AimSurplus is that everybody does a great job of making you feel like you’re part of some big weird family. We spend 5 days a week working hard and getting the job done. Then even though we spend time together at work, we still find time outside of work to help each other and train to get better with our friends.

This last Sunday we went out and had a good chunk of the crew show up for some low round count drills, zeroing rifles and, just hanging out and learning in general. It’s always cool watching your friends and co-works get better at the things that you all enjoy. I shoot pretty often and I hold myself to a pretty high standard. Some of our guys have been working really hard to get to those same levels and its awesome getting to help get them there.

Here is Jon, our youngest employee. Jon is part of the team that checks in all of the items that come into our building. From new products, to return and restocks. Jon opens them all and figures out where they need to go. He’s also in college full time and is finding a love for the shooting sports.

Josh is one of our showroom employees. He’s a good shot and a wealth of knowledge. He trains a lot with us and he takes a lot of good classes throughout the year. He has only been with us a short while but he’s brings a good level of experience to our team.

I spent a lot of the time taking pictures and just enjoying the atmosphere of getting to enjoy a hobby that we all love. I rarely end up in front of the camera so it was cool to have others there who managed to snag a few pictures of me. You guys occasionally see me in videos and on social media quite a bit. I’m a fan of getting our guys out to the range and help them experience the same joy that I get from shooting.

I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into our team and our crew. Everyone forgets that even though we are a big company, we are still people. We still have guys who pack every package and answer emails and personally call you when there’s problems. We work really hard every day and love being a part of the community.

Surplus amount of Surplus

I made a big deal last week when we got in some Tokarev surplus because it was the first time in a good while that we have had surplus ammo of any caliber in the building. So you could imagine my surprise when I went out to the warehouse to see what new stuff we got in and see multiple pallets of old wooden crated ammo.

The first pallet was heavy beat-up wooden crates of surplus Czech S&B .308 ammo. In one of the biggest crates for .308 I’ve ever seen. Each one is full with 53box and 20 rounds per box. So you’re looking at 1060rds per crate. This stuff is mildly corrosive and has some super hard primers. Would run great in something like a FAL or even an AR10 with some enhanced trigger springs.

To my surprise, I assumed all the pallets were the same. However, there was another kind of crate. It was full of some Russian 7.62x54r! How awesome that we had multiple kinds of surplus ammo show up at the same time. Usually, we got months if not even a year without seeing anything, but we managed to score a couple different batches all at once!

Our guy in the back has been opening cases with a hammer and a crowbar for a full week now. Unfortunately, he has another week or so of doing this. Which is good for you and bad for his back. If you’ve been looking to scratch that surplus itch then now is the time to do it!

10.5 Is SOO IN Right Now

I think its safe to say that besides ammo, AR15s are some of the hottest things on the market right now. I would even take it a step further and say that specifically 10.5inch AR15 pistols are the main priority. I have a couple ideas behind why that is.

The first reason is because of pistol braces. Everybody that doesn’t already have an AR pistol is probably trying to get one because of all of the talk about banning them or registering them and some people see it as if they don’t act now and get one, they might not be able to in the future. It’s never a bad idea to buy a gun when a politician opens their mouth about them. It shows that we as a gun community doesn’t want to and won’t listen to their garbage they are spewing.

Another reason I think is because of the number of people actually carrying a bag gun or truck gun or in general just leaving the house with a rifle nowadays. The smaller barrels make concealing them way easier. Whether it be in a bag or vehicle. With so much evil and crazy stuff happening in the world at the moment, you never know when you’re shopping at the grocery store, and the next thing you know you’re trying to flee the scene while simultaneously getting that truck gun out of your bag. Too many instances lately where a rifle or any CCW weapon could have possibly saved many lives.

Lastly, it’s because the 10.5 guns from some of the big-name guys out there just look so dang HOT! In the pictures on this blog, there is a Geissele Super duty and a Zev Pro Elite pistol. They are both AR pistols from quality manufacturers and they have more features than you could shake a stick at. If you’re interested in either one of these fine firearms. you can find them over on your website in the Handguns tab. Don’t miss your chance to snag one up while we manage to have a few in stock!

Zev Core Duty is HOT-T-T!

Shooooweeeee! These Zev Tech pistols are smokin! I will be the first to admit that I usually don’t get too hot and bothered for factory-built AR15s. Typically I have so many preferences that nobody really gets close enough to justify spending the money over building. Now I tell you what though. This Zev Core Elite is the closest any factory has come to making me a happy customer.

Let me just show you the boxes it checks for me. To start, it comes with an ATC Gold trigger. Which is not my preferred trigger. It is so much better than a mil-spec trigger and too many guns at this price point just ship with mil-spec. The safety is a Radian Talon which is my go-to safety. Super smooth and highly audible. There is a nice low-profile QD socket on the back of the endplate. The SBA3 is included and not the A4 or a weird proprietary brace. Not to mention the 10.5in Bronze trigger looks sexy as heck!

The upper, lower, and Handguard are all the same finish. For some people, I know that is the biggest thing they look for. I have no clue why as it has never bothered me. Most of my guns get pretty beat up anyway. But, to each their own. Since Zev Purchased Mega Arms the receiver sets and finish and overall quality are the best.

Check out these guns and make sure that if you need an AR still, you pick one up. These are made in limited quantities to begin with and they are hardly ever in stock. We managed to get our hands on about 20 of them and have released them to the good people!

They DO Exist!

There is a term in the retail world called “Vaporware”. It’s a term that I would say is synonymous with Magpul. They are really good at announcing products to the general public/ gun community, then never actually coming out or making that product.

Everyone assumed these new pistol braces were going to be the same way. The new BTR and BSL were announced SOOOO long ago and were supposed to be competing with the higher-end braces on the market. Instead, the whole community waited patiently for them and bugged Magpul any chance they could. The end result is we have 2 new braces to flood the market.

The SBA3 and SBA4 are hands down the most popular braces out there. The $130 price tag is kind of steep though. The KAK shockwave blade was the cheapest for the longest time but they were proprietary and required specific more expensive kits that you had to buy. Magpul has come in to revive the entry-level market hereafter KAK has disappeared.

These braces come in under $60 and will fit on any mil-spec carbine tube. Which is a great thing! It means many other braces will fit if you need to switch. No special tube that costs extra and if you ever SBR it’s a simple stock swap and not having to purchase a whole new tube.

These braces check the box for both form and function. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. These braces have been long-awaited. They will also sell fast with all the brace talk that is in the current media/politics. We are some of the first people to get to put our hands on these and they are on the website right now! Would make a perfect product to pick up for a future build or to swap onto a current build.

Charge in Style!

One very common upgrade for the AR15 platform that you see is an upgraded charging handle. Most guns ship with the normal mil-spec factory charging handle that, to its defense works. The downside is that it’s pretty basic and it doesn’t work for all circumstances.

The main reason I personally upgrade my own charging handle is for a sealed ledge on the back. I mainly shoot suppressed so if you have a basic handle, the gas likes to bleed out the back of the upper where the gap between the charging handle and upper is. That gas will make the biggest badest guy you can think of cry while shooting. It’s basically just hot, chunky carbon spat into your face with each shot. So I like charging handles like the Geissele Airborne. They have bigger latches. They are ambidextrous and have a raised ledge on the back to seal the charging handle to the upper and keep the gas out of my face.

Another popular reason is so you don’t have to rack your knuckles on your optic. Lots of times when you’re running a scope or a magnifier or just a bigger optic in general. There isn’t always a ton of room left for you to grab the charging handle itself and actually rack the weapon. I think most people would agree that they have been in the situation where they needed to clear a malfunction or something by racking the gun back and forth, just to bust their knuckles on the mount or the optic and get frustrated because of it. It also just doesn’t feel nice. The Strike ARCH and the BCM Mod4 are great examples of fixes. They offer extended latches that allow you to grab on the side of the charging handle and extend past where the optic typically is placed.

The final reason would be for those crazy Lefties out there. If you’re a lefty it’s pretty difficult to have to charge the weapon with your trigger hand. There’s really no good way or technique to do it that isn’t chunky or slow. So an Ambi charging handle basically has a pivoting paddle on each side. That way you can charge the rifle from either side and not have to worry about swapping hands. Plus even for the right-handed guys. You just never know when you’ll be in a situation where you might not be able to charge the gun like you normally would. So it’s a win-win upgrade either way.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap charging handle just to finish a build or for the perfect one to upgrade your current gun. We typically have tons of options in stock and plenty of availability. If you’re local, as a reminder you can stop into the showroom and we have most of the popular ones on the display wall for you to rack and mess with and see what fits your hands the best!