They DO Exist!

There is a term in the retail world called “Vaporware”. It’s a term that I would say is synonymous with Magpul. They are really good at announcing products to the general public/ gun community, then never actually coming out or making that product.

Everyone assumed these new pistol braces were going to be the same way. The new BTR and BSL were announced SOOOO long ago and were supposed to be competing with the higher-end braces on the market. Instead, the whole community waited patiently for them and bugged Magpul any chance they could. The end result is we have 2 new braces to flood the market.

The SBA3 and SBA4 are hands down the most popular braces out there. The $130 price tag is kind of steep though. The KAK shockwave blade was the cheapest for the longest time but they were proprietary and required specific more expensive kits that you had to buy. Magpul has come in to revive the entry-level market hereafter KAK has disappeared.

These braces come in under $60 and will fit on any mil-spec carbine tube. Which is a great thing! It means many other braces will fit if you need to switch. No special tube that costs extra and if you ever SBR it’s a simple stock swap and not having to purchase a whole new tube.

These braces check the box for both form and function. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. These braces have been long-awaited. They will also sell fast with all the brace talk that is in the current media/politics. We are some of the first people to get to put our hands on these and they are on the website right now! Would make a perfect product to pick up for a future build or to swap onto a current build.