Feature Alert!

Pretty cool write up on one of the Norinco Type 54 Tokarev TT-33s we have here at AIM in the January 2022 online issue of the Dillon Blue Press.

We still have some in stock so stop by the showroom and check some out or if you are too far away to swing by we have them listed on the website as well! Pretty cool little firearm with some history behind them.


New Kid On The Block

Hola Amigos.

James here, although if you have met me in the showroom, you will probably know me as Cano.

Recently the folks running this place decided to add another member to our media team and I won the Kumite to earn the role. I love where I work and will miss the showroom. I truly enjoyed helping people find the firearm that was the perfect fit but I am super excited to join Josh upstairs and get you guys some cool product videos and so much more.

A little bit about me for those who care:

I am from California, yes I know… but I left.

I love shooting at Impact Shooting Center with the guys from work or even some customers that have become friends.

I was a Glock guy until I was shown the way of the M&P. I still have some Glocks and I love them still but I am just a better shooter with my M&P.

Here is my daily carry: M&P 2.0 4.25″ with an apex trigger. Trijicon SRO. Floyds Custom Shop magwell and baseplates. Cruxord Mag Release. Optic cut and cerakote from slideworks engineering.

Well with that being said, I better get back to the real work before they make me clean the parking lot with a toothbrush.

I look forward to working with Josh to get you guys some super cool content to check out and hopefully get some more customers for life!


What’s New Wednesday!

Fresh off the truck we have a bunch of JMAC Customs products!

Super cool anodized aluminum stocks in a couple different triangle styles as well as a couple skeleton style stocks as well.

We also got in some new muzzle devices including the LAF Brake so you can really let your komrades know whats up! This thing is going to be Loud and Flashy…see what I did there? In addition to the brake we got in some Key-Mo and Wolfman muzzle devices for your Dead Air Silencer setups! I am a big fan of the handstop included in this picture as well, really slim and perfect for a backpack setup.

We have more from JMAC on the website including more muzzle devices, another stock and a handstop. Hurry up and check them out before they are gone!

P.S. Look how good this skeleton stock looks on an MP5!


Riley Defense Triangle AK

Riley Defense is at it again! Bringing us an affordable AK with the design and ergonomics customers are asking for!

We all know everyone loves a good Triangle Folder AK. It’s a given in life like death and taxes. Riley Defense has been known for its quality and affordable AKs and their new one is no different. It features a 16.25 in 7.62×39 nitrided barrel, a side folding triangle stock with wooden handguard and a big ole muzzle device. Optic rail is mounted onto the forged trunion so you know you immediately have a way to mount an optic.

Right now the AK world has been at the highest prices they have ever been. 7.62×39 is still one of the more affordable rifle rounds and at the moment readily available. Most people will always be an AK guy or a AR guy. If you have ever wanted to try the opposition and not get stuck with an expensive gun you might not like, then grab this Riley. It’s quality for the price and on the minimal chance you don’t like it, would still hold its resale value.

These Rileys are on the website and they are arguably some of the better ones we have in stock right now. Head on over to the page and check out what we have and give them a shot of your own!

New M&P Trigger Options!

For the longest time the M&P Series of firearms has held an odd title. It single handily has the best and worst trigger on the market. How is that so?

The factory trigger in the full size and compact M&P’s specifically the generation 1, has the worst trigger in it from a major company, without a doubt. The trigger pull is so long and spongey and the trigger shoe has a huge curve to it and the trigger safety is hinged onto the huge curve/shoe itself.

The plus side to that, is that APEX Tactical has made one of the best triggers for the M&P to ever exist. In any gun for that matter. It’s out of the box comparable to any 2K 1911 trigger you want to put it up against. It comes with a bunch of springs to adjust the pull weight and feel. It has the option for a curved or straight trigger. Now offered in polymer and aluminum. For. the longest time, APEX was a must have part to immediately add to your M&P series gun. The downside. Is if you for some strange reason didn’t like the AEPX, you didn’t have very many options that were even close to being good.

Overwatch precision has now released a new trigger that for sure holds its own to the APEX. Even Timney has now released their own trigger with the same idea as their Glock trigger. If you are a M&P Shooter, then you need to get our and pick up one of these triggers and give them a try. You might end up taking a trigger you hated and it becoming the best one you’ve ever felt. We just got in both of these new triggers and even posted a comparison video on IG. You should head over there and check it out and if you do grab a new one, reach out and let us know how it feel/works/your thoughts.