Surplus amount of Surplus

I made a big deal last week when we got in some Tokarev surplus because it was the first time in a good while that we have had surplus ammo of any caliber in the building. So you could imagine my surprise when I went out to the warehouse to see what new stuff we got in and see multiple pallets of old wooden crated ammo.

The first pallet was heavy beat-up wooden crates of surplus Czech S&B .308 ammo. In one of the biggest crates for .308 I’ve ever seen. Each one is full with 53box and 20 rounds per box. So you’re looking at 1060rds per crate. This stuff is mildly corrosive and has some super hard primers. Would run great in something like a FAL or even an AR10 with some enhanced trigger springs.

To my surprise, I assumed all the pallets were the same. However, there was another kind of crate. It was full of some Russian 7.62x54r! How awesome that we had multiple kinds of surplus ammo show up at the same time. Usually, we got months if not even a year without seeing anything, but we managed to score a couple different batches all at once!

Our guy in the back has been opening cases with a hammer and a crowbar for a full week now. Unfortunately, he has another week or so of doing this. Which is good for you and bad for his back. If you’ve been looking to scratch that surplus itch then now is the time to do it!