Memorial Day May 31, 2010

Make sure to pay your respects this Monday for those who have fought and died for our Freedom. Honor these Hero’s ultimate sacrifice and do your part to keep this country great.
“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”
– General George S. Patton

Great Deal on Spikes Tactical Gen 1 Multi-Cal. Stripped Lower Receivers

We currently have a really great deal on these Spikes Tactical Generation 1 Multi-Cal. Stripped Lower Receivers. Spike’s changed the way they do their markings, and we were able to get a good price 1st generation models.
Here is the skinny:
New Spikes Tactical Generation 1 multi-caliber AR15 stripped lower receivers. This is the basis for any top quality rifle. Machined from a 7075 T6 Mil-Spec Forging. Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish. Low Shelf for use with RDIAS. Lazer engraved markings. Bullet Pictogram markings in the Safe/Semi/Auto positions. While supplies last.
So what is the difference between these, and the current model? Good question, and a popular one.
The difference is the depth of the markings. These were lazer engraved so the markings are not as deep as the Gen 2.
There is no other difference.
Generation 1:

Generation 2:

These lowers are proving to be very popular. We still have a few left, and have the final shipment showing up early next week.

AIM, Inc. presents… AVATAR! Or well, here are some cool Avatars…

Bryan has been bugging me forever to make some custom AIM, Inc. Avatars for our fellow forum Nerds. I am an amateur photographer at best, but being the resident pic Ninja and judo photochop artist, I do get to photograph some really neat stuff. These are set to’s Avatar size, but please feel free to use them anywhere. I plan on releasing new batches every couple of weeks. Next batch will concentrate more on surplus firearms, maybe sized for If there is something you want done custom from any of the other pics you see on our website, drop me an email, [email protected].
Erik Hamre
Director of Marketing
AIM, Inc.

Aero Precision COP Monolithic Upper for AR15 New Aero Precision Monolithic COP (Continuous Optics Platform)

A great new accessory arrived last week, the new Aero Precision COP (Continuous Optics Platform).  Proudly made in the U.S.A., this is a one-piece complete upper/handguard replacement for the AR15 rifle that makes mounting optics and accessories a breeze.  There is no more bridging the gap between handguard and flattop upper receiver when mounting longer eye relief scopes.  The upper is rigidly structured for greater accuracy.

BUT, what truly makes this a different concept is the ability to change the left, right and bottom rail panels to make your upper WHAT YOU WANT.  You could install the 3 included picatinny rail sections to make a railed unit, or insert the 3 flat sections to give the upper a more rounded feel, or use the two half railed sections like I did to provide a smooth rear section but the ability to mount accessories towards the front.  The combinations are endless as you can even flip the half-railed sections so that the rail slots are in either the front or the back of the handguard.  And Aero Precision didn’t go cheap and leave you to find your own tools, included is a Torx screw driver and a proprietary barrel nut and proprietary barrel wrench.  Currently, only the carbine length rail is available but future offerings will include a mid-length and rifle-length COP upper.

It's been awhile since we have had such a selection of Surplus .308 ammunition…

It’s been awhile since we have had such a selection of Surplus .308 ammunition. In fact, this might be the nicest variety of Surplus .308 (7.62×51) in 10 years.

FN Belgian .308 NATO (7.62×51) 144grn FMJ
Beautiful early 1980’s surplus FN Belgian .308 NATO (7.62×51) ammunition. Features a 144grn lead core full copper jacketed bullet, brass case, and non-corrosive berdan primer. Packaged 50rds to a box, and 1,200rds (24 boxes) to a resealable metal can. ORM-D weight restrictions will allow for only 20 boxes (1,000rds) and the can to be shipped in a single package.

German DAG .308 FMJ NATO (7.62×51)
1990’s Surplus German NATO 7.62×51 (.308) DAG ammunition. This is beautiful, accurate ammunition packaged for long term storage. Features a 147grn lead core full copper and nickel (magnetic) jacketed bullet, brass case, and non-corrosive berdan primer. Packed 20rds in a box, 200rds (10 boxes) in a sealed waterproof PVC battlepack.

British Radway Green NATO .308 (7.62×51) 147grn FMJ
1990’s Production British Surplus Radway Green NATO spec. .308 (7.62×51) ammunition. Features a NATO headstamp, 147grn full copper jacketed lead core (non-magnetic) bullet, brass case, and non-corrosive Berdan primer. Incredible packaging! Packed 5rds to a charger (stripper clip), 75rds (15-5rd chargers) to a military grade nylon bandolier with metal snaps, and 750rds (10 bandoliers) to a sealed battlepack inside a wooden crate.

South African .308 (7.62×51) 147grn FMJ
South African Surplus .308 (7.62×51) ammunition. Manufactured in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. 147grn Lead core, Copper Jacketed, Non-Magnetic, FMJ Bullet. Brass Case, Non-Corrosive, Berdan Primer. Packaged 7 boxes(140rds) to a Sealed Waterproof Battlepack, 980rds (7 Battlepacks) to a 980rd resealable ammo can.