A Newer Rare Breed of Lowers

There are a lot of big debates in the gun world. Lots of “operators” who don’t use products that look good, and “FUDDS” that only use the products operators don’t. One thing that I have learned being a shooter and being in the industry is that for the most part, a lower. Is a lower. Its glorified duct tape. It just holds the important parts together. Its a low stress part and for the most part minus any truly functionally different parts, its purely aesthetic.

Some people think your guns are tools and they shouldn’t look good. Some people think its cool to have a safe full of queens that do nothing but look good and almost never get shot. I don’t find myself falling into this category too much, but when I saw this lower. I just instantly wanted it.

This is a Spikes Tactical and Rare Breed colaboration. It is a .223/5.56 Multi caliber Billet lower. With one of the coolest designs they have ever done. We have seen the Punisher skull, the Warthog, the Crusader and the Spartan lowers. This is the new Samurai Lower with some badass cerakote work done to it.

These lowers are billet with a tension set screw. A sick looking Samurai/Demon helmet on the front and an oversized trigger guard. They are super lightweight and the quality of them is insane in the hand. Would be a cool show piece or even just the start to a really cool build.

We only got a few of the Cerakoted stripped lowers in and we expect them to go fast. Check them out on the website and make sure to snag one while they are being produced!

704 Tactical BCG Reviews!

We sent a couple of our in house AimSurplus branded bolt carrier groups over to our friends at 704 Tactical. They were kind enough to put together this video review of them. Go ahead and click the link and watch their review! If you wanna subscribe to them and stay up to date with their videos they are commonly testing AIM parts.

Let them know you made your way to their video from over here and show them some support. Its always nice to support those that support you in the industry and very few places give good honest reviews. Let us know what you think about their video and your experience with our BCGS!

ZRO Delta Rifle

ZRO Delta is a brand that everybody either knows or has never heard of. Its kind of funny that companies like this even exist in the gun world. Usually once you make a name for yourself it kinda sticks. I think people just don’t know how well of a name they have because they have so many good names. For instance, ZRO Delta is also under the same umbrella as Unbranded AR Parts and U.S. Optics.

If you know about the quality behind those companies then you can know what to expect with this rifle. It comes with a super lightweight and low profile Handguard. 1:8 Twist .223Wylde barrel with a mid length gas system. Forged upper and lower receiver with a minimalist logo. So there’s no giant roll mark on the side that awful to look at. Its tastefully done and hidden out of the way. Even giving yourself room to put your own on there if you really wanted to. A super comfortable stock and an A2 grip that you’ll probably toss in the parts bin to put your preferred grip on anyway. They have done a great job of saving you money in places that they can and still giving you a great quality rifle.

Find these on our website and take a look at them. Full of all kinds of features and specs that you would expect out of a quality rifle like this. Would make the perfect base rifle for any home defense, hunting or sport shooting setup that you could imagine.

P80s Galore!

With the constant change in the political climate over the past couple of years, the number of Polymer80 frames being sold has been on an all time high! Whether you’re buying one to build for the first time as a hobbyist, building one because you can’t find an actual Glock in stock or even just milling one out because you prefer the frame shape and texture. No matter what your reasoning, its a good idea to have one.

Every gun owner will tell you there’s always that fear in the back of their head of an impeding confiscation. Plenty of people think they can pick one of these up and finish it and the government will never know! And they are right! Lots of people don’t know that its perfectly legal to manufacture your own firearms as long as you don’t have the intent to sell them. The polymer 80s have dominated the market in several ban states where certain firearms aren’t on roster and the p80 gives those guys ways to maybe have one.

Whatever your reason for wanting one, its hard to deny how great they are. They take all factory and aftermarket Glock Gen 3 parts. Some things like magwells are specific. But we see a number of companies coming out with polymer 80 specific magwells to help with that. Lots of holsters fit the design and just like with the magwell, we also see companies building specific holsters too. With the growing demand and the exponential amount of support, a Polymer 80 is always a great investment.

Let there be LIGHT(s)!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

One thing that I have learned over the years is that I have an obsession with buying lights. I’m hoping that I’m not the only one that suffers from this unfortunate disease. Any time that we get a new light in or one of the warehouse guys is talking about a new one he bough, I just wanna use it and try it and see how it compares to all my others.

The affinity I have for lights I think is due to the number of different kinds there are. Compiled with the number of different reasons you would need a light. There are lights for rifles that have high lumens but low candela. There are lights for handguns that have low lumens but high candela. There are some EDC lights that have multiple outputs for different reasons. A 3hr battery life at 300 lumens but a 30 minute at 1000 lumens. The different types seem to be endless.

I don’t have the best eyesight so I always carried a light in my pocket for little tasks where I just needed a little more light than I had. So I bought a cheap light with low lumens just for that. But quickly discovered I was on the wrong end of the spectrum. I would rather have more lumens than less because there were some times the low lumens just weren’t bright enough. Then I went way too high for lumens and was getting too much bounce and half the time couldn’t actually see what I was trying to look at. So I’ve struggled to find that right balance. Same goes for my guns too.

I enjoy a flashlight on my handgun that aesthetically looks flush with the barrel. Plus I enjoy lots of lumens. My rifles I actually prefer something like the Modlites that have a lower lumen count, but a higher candela. That allows you to have a longer throw and to see further with your light. Which makes sense because I more than likely wouldn’t be taking a shot that long with my handgun. So learning that lights pretty much need to be mission specific has been a game changer in my thought.

Right now we have a ton of different lights in stock. That might just be because I wanna test/ play with them all and figure out what I like. I will leave that up to you to decide. lol What that means for you is that right now we have a ton of the popular lights and all of the accessories for them. So head on over and grab some for yourself and let me know what works best for you or even what lights you would like to see us carry in general!

Shield Plus Ultra!

Hot new M&P guns have arrived! For the past few years, Higher capacity subcompact guns have been all the rave. You have guns like the Sig 365 and the 365XL that have a 12 or 10rd magazine. Then you have the Glock 43X and 48 that ship with 10rd mags, but have the Shield Arms magazines that allow you to have 15rds!!

While a little late to the game, Smith & Wesson has finally released their offering in the league. Its called the Shield Plus. You’re looking at a slightly larger (thicker) frame which is allowing for wider mags and also allowing for a jump from 7rds to 13rds. Which is a huge upgrade. The Gen 1 and 2 Shields both shipped with 7rd and 8rd mags. Which made it feel a little inadequate compared to the other offerings.

The new Shield Plus ships with 1-10rd magazine and 1-13rd magazine. The old shield mags are not compatible with the new guns and the new mags are not compatible with the old guns. So if you already own a bunch of shield mags and were wanting to upgrade, the mags won’t transfer over unfortunately. I do wish that Smith & Wesson would have shipped with 2-13rd magazines out of the box since that’s one of the biggest selling points to the whole gun. But I guess the 10rd is technically an upgrade as well.

The Shield in the pictures here is the Performance Center, Ported with fiber optic sights. Its part of the “Every Day Carry Kit”. Also included with this version is the M&P Branded knife and flashlight. Basically all the essential pieces you would need for a basic EDC IG picture. lol

We don’t have many of these in stock and because they are brand new items, they will move pretty fast. So if you’re interested keep your eyes peeled and check the website regularly. We have them listed at the time of the posting, but no guarantee as to how long that lasts. Good luck!

Centurion bulls have arrived

Centurion Bullpup Shotgun

This week we got in a big pallet of some cool little bullpup 12gauge shotguns in this week. These things are build like a tank! They come in at a little over 6lbs and almost 7lbs once you get a loaded magazine in it. They come with some polymer iron sights that seem to be pretty tough. Only time will tell on those. 20in Barrel and a set of chokes included in a nice little carbon fiber case in the box.

These seem like they would be a great bang for you buck shotgun if you are looking for something a little more tactical or space age if you will. These guns are manufactured by Centurion Arms in Turkey and imported by Century Arms. They come in a high quality cardboard box and appear to be a pretty good quality overall. Bolt is on the left hand side to accommodate right handed shooters. It also has pic rails up towards the front Handguard. This would be the perfect place to mount a flashlight or a fore grip if you wanted one.

With a 3in chamber you get the ability to run a large number of different kinds of shells. Another cool feature is that it takes other 12gauge magazines from other manufacturers. The Panzer Arms 10 and 5 round magazines will work as well in this shotgun. Knowing that makes tracking down compatible magazines a lot easier. Don’t forget that guns like these dry up fast and aren’t often imported in large quantities. Don’t miss out on your chance to get one while we have them in the building!


One of the hottest teased items of the year so far has been the Aero Precision EPC9 platform guns. This is Aero’s first venture into the 9mm PCC world and they let customers know about it almost a year ago. So they have had plenty of time to leak the teaser pics and videos. To make sure they drummed up enough speculation to make everyone drooling over themselves to get one. Kudos to them for excellent marketing!

We got in our first shipment this week and boy do they look good! Aero has always been known for their fit and finish and these things are no exception. They have that same deep black finish and M4E1 like styling that we have all come to know and love. Their LRBHO (las round bolt hold open) is the same as what New Frontier Armory has been doing. There is a bent steel rod that makes contact with the magazine follower and kicks the bolt release/catch out and locks the bolt on the last round. Is it our favorite way to do LRBHO? No. But there is nothing wrong with it. The sets will work great regardless.

We managed to get our hands on a couple different parts of their new release. We got a handful of lowers, some of the barreled uppers with their fancy R-One Handguard and even some of the bolt carrier groups. All of their stuff is compatible with other standard AR9 parts so no worries there if you already have a system you wanna use these with. We will be dropping them on our website 03/19/2021 with our Friday email and we expect them to fly fast. So don’t sleep on it and if you want some of these sets keep your eyes peeled that evening! Good Luck!

The Bolt Street Boys are Back!

One of the most popular things we sell every year is our AimSurplus branded Bolt Carrier Groups. We sell several thousands of them a year and they are an amazing quality for the price. With the pandemic going on and the slowing of manufacturing that came from it, our BCGs have sold out faster than normal and haven’t been able to restock as fast.

The sources for the materials, the tooling machines, the people to run the machines. It’s all been affected by the pandemic and we are hoping to finally get back on track. We were trying to keep up with demand so we just had our manufacturer making the 4 or 5 most popular ones so we could get higher quantities of them to try and keep up with the growing demand.

Unfortunately that meant some of our other BCGs weren’t being made as much. Like the TiN coated ones and the Carbo Nitride and the lightweight versions of everything. They took either too much time for the finish to be applied or too much time on the machine. We could get more of the others pumped out by skipping those.

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! We are starting to get to the point where we can keep up with the still slightly higher demand and you’re going to start seeing our other bolt carries slowly showing up back in stock. If you aren’t signed up for the notifications under each SKU that you want, now is a good time to do so. That way you’re ready to grab them before they dissapear!

Join the Blue Mag Group!

It’s kind of like the Blue Man Group, except there’s a smaller amount of blue body paint in this group. Not 0 body paint, just less. You can decide whether or not that’s a pro or a con.

One thing that is awesome about our group is that we are all owners of these super dope Blue Duramags! They are just like the regular black aluminum ones, but in a cool blue color. Most people in the AR world don’t admit it, but we love to collect magazines. I doubt you will find any avid AR owner who doesn’t own at least a couple of each different kind out there.

Blue mags give you plenty of advantages. For starters, its gives you +10 on accuracy. So that should be enough right there. 2nd, most people probably won’t take your mags at the range. 3rd, if they do. They will be easy to identify with the shiny blue magazine hanging out of their gun/gear bag. Silly looters. Plus, if you’re the guy who likes to shoot multiple calibers, you can color code your rounds to your mags. Don’t wanna accidentally load .300BLK into your .223? Then only put .300BLK into blue mags and you’ll never have to worry about what’s in that mag. You’ll know better!

Look, I’m just gonna say it. If you don’t have any blue Duramags, then you’re not cool. Its that simple. Don’t let me judge you, don’t force others to judge you. Your friends and family would appreciate you better If you just had some. So head on over to the site, look at all the positive reviews and pick some up yourself!