TA Targets at AimSurplus

When we choose to carry a product we typically thing about what that means. Some companies will carry anything they can get their hands on. When it comes to steel targets and the stigma that is around them. We chose to go to the only people we could trust. TA Targets.

Their steel is some of the Loudest, Best quality and Safest steel out there. No gimmicky weak steel shapes or punisher skulls. Just targets that make sense.

TA Targets was born after seeing a serious need in the industry. While steel target manufacturers litter the landscape by the dozens, they realized that there was no other target manufacturer is truly interested in changing culture and creating a community of defenders. The name of the game for many of these companies is making novelty targets as cheap as possible, and the casualty of this mindset is quality and value for customers purchasing these products. When a company’s only interest is making a product as cheap as possible, rather than being a part of a customers journey, is it even possible to offer true Value to that customer? Value goes further than the price point, and it is important that your dollars are invested in a target that will be a part of your story for years to come.

The A-DAP 2.0 target system features an adjustable angle bracket that allows various degrees of forward lean. This lean is steeper and more versatile than their previous generations of A-DAP steel target systems which results in an even more well-rounded system for steel target connoisseurs. This laser cut, precision formed set of brackets allows nearly 45 degrees of lean with our C Zone target system and nearly 40 degrees of lean with the Mini A-DAP system.

Stop into the showroom and see the display steel that we have or browse the website and check out what we can ship ya! Either way, now is a great time to take that money you’re saving not buying ammo, and buy things that will help you train and be more efficient with the few rounds you’re willing to shoot. Safe, Quality and Reactive Steel.

Strike Strikes Back!

Strike Industries is one of the few companies that seems like they are releasing a new product every week. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all because they have come out with a ton of innovative and convenient products.

For the longest time Polymer 80 was the only place making 80% Glock frames. They had the market all to themselves. Then came along Strike Industries. The Strike 80 frame not only looks cool, but it offers a different variety that the market has been asking for.

Everyone building a 80% Glock always had the same thing in common, the frame. Your slide could be different or your optic setup or barrel, but the frame was the same. Strike offers that variety and style that takes a gun and makes it just that little bit more different than your buddies gun. The Polymer80 frame was super squared off as well. Had great texture and a nice grip angle. This frame goes even further. It has a more round frame making the edges less box like and the texture on it is superb. The overall look of the frame has more cuts and lines than other frames and just makes it look slick.

So check out the website and grab you one before they disappear! These things sell out ridiculously fast because of the high demand for them. If you see one in stock you better snag it while you can!

Lets celebrate… Zev-uary?

There is no simple way to doubt it. Zev Technologies makes some of hottest firearms on the market.

In the picture above is their OZ9 HyperComp. This is a super cool gun because of the ported island barrel. The reason this is super cool is because of the benefits you get from having it. The ports give you gas pressure up which helps you drive the gun down for continuous strings of fire. The milling in and around the slide help reduce the amount of mass moving back on each shot with loosely translates to less felt recoil. Finally the sight is pinned right into the barrel. So you don’t have to track the sight as much with each shot. Normally the sight is on the slide and moves back and forth with each shot, but with it being pinned on the barrel it moves drastically less!

One of the other Zev guns we have in stock right now is the Octane Micro! This gun is basically a beautiful optic cut, Zev-ified Sig 365. It comes cut for the RMSC pattern of optics, tons of slide serrations for more grip and better ability to press check, and a stippled frame with some cool laser work on it to make it look clean and crisp. One cool thing about both of these guns is the modularity. The OZ9 and the Octane bother have swappable grips, trigger, and slides. They are all easy parts to swap out and move around without any gunsmith knowledge or help needed.

So hop on the website, check out these guns, watch the YouTube videos, literally do whatever. But don’t pass up on these guns because they won’t be around for long. I expect them to sell out very fast!

Yo Gamma Gamma!

If you understood that Title I’m sorry. . . . LOL

Time and time again we get people into the shop who are wanting to replace their old A2 Flash Hider with “Something Better”

Lots of times those customers aren’t quite sure what it is exactly that there looking for. I am a firm believer that a Suppressor is the best muzzle device, but that’s a topic for a different discussion. If you’re not looking to replace your muzzle device with something specific, for a specific reason, Then the Aero VG6 Line of muzzle devices are pretty dang awesome!

The cool thing about the VG6 line is that they have a lot of feature for something as simple as a muzzle device. They have some pretty big ports on the side, they have prongs like a flash hider, and strategically placed compensator holes. Usually a compensator will give you some added back pressure, but with the giant ports it equals out and you lose that extra pressure through there. The side ports help keep the gun from bouncing left or right and attempt to keep you on target for your follow up shop. The tiny bit of extra back pressure you get helps your gun cycle just that little bit better. Pair that with a proper buffer weight and you’ve got yourself a very flat shooting rifle.

One B.A.D. Rifle

One brand that I have been super impressed with over the years has been Battle Arms Development. They make some of the slickest, lightweight and functional parts. They are known for their lightweight receivers and hand guards that come in at the higher end of the price spectrum. However, they are lightweight without being skeletonized and kinda generic looking.

Pictured above is one of our “Learning Center” Guns. It is an entire B.A.D. gun built out of some of the best parts they sell. The coolest part about it, is that it weighs under 5lbs. You get some of the best looking receiver sets in my opinion. The designs on them save weight without sacrificing any function.

They make Triggers, buffer tubes, stocks, grips, safeties and even all the other lower parts that you would need. They all are cool designs

We have a ton of their Complete rifles and pistols in stock right now and they are the perfect blend of quality and price. Right now a lot of brands are upping their prices to match the demand. So an entry level gun is going to cost you anywhere from $600-$800. The Battle Arms WorkHorse series of guns, are going to only run you a few $100 more, but you will get a significant upgrade in fit and finish and overall quality of the rifle here.

Showroom Surplus

I still find myself from time to time talking to customers or friends or people in passing who “Love AimSurplus” but don’t know that we have a Showroom!

One of the best features of our company is that we have a Local Showroom where you can pick up your orders, shop or even learn!

Our Showroom is packed full of cool features. We have tons of product that is for local guys only. Things that we don’t have listed on the website so you don’t have to compete with the internet and things selling out before you get there. We have a staff of knowledgeable guys that can answer just about any question you can come in with. But what I would call the best feature is our “Learning Wall”

Our learning wall is known all around the state. We have almost 30 different guns that we assembled that are out on display. Each one has as many popular parts as possible on it so that way anybody who is wanting to handle a product has the chance too. Lets be honest, the grip and stock you like and the one that I like are probably two different things. If you are a new gun guy and don’t have a preference yet, then you don’t know what you like. Thats where our wall comes in. Not sure what grip? Cool, go handle each gun on the wall cause they all have different grips. Wanna see how an optic presents before you pull the trigger on it? Cool, its on a rifle on the wall. Wanna try a Geissele trigger before you commit to spending that kind of cash. COOL, go finger bag all the triggers in the guns. Each one is different!

So check out this video and see what you’re missing out on! Feel free to stop in and say hello or just look around and Ooooh and Ahhh at our Beautiful staff.

225 American Way Monroe OH, 45050

Toss that address into your Waze or Google Maps and we will see ya soon!

Donut Sleep on these Guns!

Thank You to the local customer that Dropped off a TON of Donuts for us!

We have a bunch of loyal customers. We also have a large amount of local customers that have been shopping with us over the past 20 Years. Whether you are a first time shopper or a Long time Loyal Customer, we just wanted to say THANK YOU!

The support that our customers show us at every step of the way is what keeps us going! We do our best to get new products, keep the best pricing and continue to grow just to give you guys the same support that you give us.

With that being said, we have done our best to get as much product as we possibly can. Right now we have over 50 different kinds of firearms in stock! You would be luck to walk into a big box gun store and find that many right now. Obviously check the website to see the most up to date items at all times, but as of this posting, you’ve got a heads up first before anybody else as to what is there!

If you’re searching for your next gun or your first gun, we have them right now! Don’t miss your chance to grab them while we have them.

Want some Swiss on that?

Lately we have been listing some of these super cool Lugers on the website 1 at a time. They are super cool because each on is a little more unique than the next. Sometimes when we get trade ins or buy collections the guns generally look the same with similar finish wear in the same spots.

Glocks always have the dominant hand side of the frame rubbed more than the other side. (Officers seatbelts)

Sig 226s always have the front strap rubbed bare from the oils in the hand damaging that thin finish that was on the older Sig Pistols.

Each a little generic if you will. These Lugers all had somewhat different markings on them. Some had Swiss Emblems. Some have no emblem. Some have slightly different emblems and Swiss writings on them. Because of how cool they are, we are listing them one at a time and not all at once. That way we can get accurate and clear pictures of each one that way you can fully appreciate how cool these guns are.

Lugers tend to be pretty pricey now a days because of how rare ones in good condition can be to find. Another cool thing is the caliber that these are chambered in. While most of them were not, these are chambered in .65 Parabellum (.30 Luger) . These guns were not chambered in that round for long. So these are even more difficult to find in general.

With the way guns and ammo are right now we see people trying to get into different corners of the industry. Guys who shoot a lot are looking into new dry fire techniques. Guys who reload are looking at picking up new calibers to load with available components. Collectors are looking to sell off some of their collections to pay for ammo. Everyone is doing something different. If you aren’t already a collector, maybe now is the right time to start? You don’t see guns like these come available too often.

We have a TaunTON Of ARs!

Our Owner Braving the Cold weather to come to work to selflessly ARM the people

With guns and ammo being difficult to get ahold of right now. We have a large selection of AR15s on the website. Most places are struggling to get inventory in a large amount and we have managed to get a wide variety of calibers, barrel lengths and brands all at once. We have ammo shipments showing up daily so as long as you check the website regularly you should be able to snag you some to go along with that new rifle!

Some of the options in stock as of 02/16/2021

Fresh DROP-IN Goodies


Drop in triggers are nothing new. They have been around for a while now and are arguably one of the best upgrades for a rifle in my opinion. Lots of people try 10 different triggers and pick between a couple to keep in their rifle. However I am a fan of having the same trigger in all of my rifles. That way if I have to pick it up and use it no matter which one it is, I’m comfortable with it and familiar with how it’s going to shoot.

When you have several rifles and want the same trigger in them. Its sometimes difficult spending $280 per Geissele trigger for each one. So that’s where our AimSurplus SSTAT trigger comes into play. These retail for $99.95 and are quite often on sale for even cheaper. We all hate the Mil-Spec triggers with a passion. So these super clean, crisp and simple triggers are an awesome option. With a 3.5lb break and a crispy reset they are hard to argue with. Most other drop in triggers start at the $120 price range and only go up from there. Our SSTAT Trigger does everything those other Drop-ins do, just at a better price.

That makes it easier to buy 3 or 4 of them for all your rifles and not break the bank. You don’t have to worry about your wife seeing a $900 credit card charge and sending you to the dog house or to sleep on the couch. We have several videos on Youtube and our website showcasing how easy it is to install these triggers as well! They always seem to sell out very fast and we can hardly keep them in stock. We even went out of our way to include a Curved model for those of you that are convinced a straight trigger is the work of the devil….