AIM Powered Spike's Tactical Shooting Team takes 3rd at the FNH Multi-gun!

FNH 2012 Multigun
Last week we traveled back to the Peacemaker range in West Virginia for our final major multigun match of the season, the FNH Multigun Championship.  We were supposed to shoot this match in the last season but work got in the way for both Cam and I.  FNH “went all out” on this match and had four side matches where shooters could kill time by trying out the FNS pistol, SCAR 17 rifle, SLP & SC1 shotguns.
We shot 9 stages over 3 days and had a lot of fun.  The stages were great and made good use of the range facilities with mostly natural terrain stages.  Stage seven was the most difficult stage; it had the shooter engage an aerial clay target with the shotgun then engage targets from 100-200 yards off hand with the rifle.  I had a great run on this stage but unfortunately, the stage was thrown out.  We shot the long range stage first thing on Friday morning and had to contend with the fog.  Cam did an awesome job on this stage and nailed the 380 yard shot in fog so thick, I couldn’t see the target with 25x zoom on the camera.  Stage three was a little different in that the shooter had to engage 14 inch “Sammy” targets that were turned sideways.  Cam and I both thought that these would be harder than they were and only had a few makeup shots. Cam had a great match and finished third in Limited class.  He missed second place by .34 points.  I shot a very consistent match and had a few gun problems that I’ve since fixed. I finished 71st out of 250 shooters.
Next year, we will be adding some different matches to our schedul, some that we will be shooting for the first time.  Our first match will probably be the USPSA Multigun Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In our next blog post, we will review GSG’s .22 caliber 1911.  In the mean time, have fun and shoot straight!
-Ben Powell
Spikes Tactical Shooting Team