Red Lancers are Back!

A few weeks back I made a post about how we got in a bunch of the Lancer mags in almost all available colors….. Except Red. Low and behold, a mere 6 weeks later, we have Red Lancer mags back in stock!

We talked about the cults that follow around the magazine world when it comes to one-off colors. You can join facebook groups that are devoted to ODG magazines and posts that compare the slight color differences of FDE mags between each shipment and manufacturer. Its a weird magazine world we live in.

The red lancer mags just seem to have a cool factor to them. Unless you are using cheap Chinese made airsoft parts, you don’t typically see red on a rifle. Same thing with the purple magazines Lancer sells. It is also a slight “Flex” when you show up to the range with magazines that are hard to get or difficult to find and make all your friends jealous. Everyone knows that anytime you can show off that you’re better than your friends or that you have something they don’t, you should take advantage of it.

The real reason these magazines are so popular is just because Lancer makes great magazines. Typically when people shoot multiple different calibers, its nice to have an easy way to tell them apart. If you only load .300Blackout into your Red Lancer mags and you see somebody loading a red mag into a 5.56 gun, then you can easily identify and stop them from making a mistake.

We got in several hundred of these Lancer mags in stock for the first time in a long time. I would say if you have been trying to track some down, now is the time to head to the website and grab yourself some. They tend to show up for a short time and disappear for a long time. Don’t miss out and show up to the range and all your friends have red Lancer mags and you don’t.