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Point 1 Tactics Vehicle Dynamics | April 13-14 2019

I had not met Donovan Moore from Point 1 Tactics until this class, but I had heard from friends that he was the next superstar in firearms training.  When I found out he was coming to Impact Shooting (my home range) for a Vehicle Tactics class, I knew this was a class I had to take.  Donovan’s military service has allowed him to train with all the teams and latest tactics and attain an incredible knowledge of vehicle dynamics.  It didn’t hurt that his fellow instructor (Steve Drum) is a Navy SEAL.

Donovan had sent a questionnaire a few weeks before the class for each student to fill out.  The questionnaire asked about our strengths and weaknesses, equipment, and our learning goals for this class.  When I met Donovan for the first time Saturday morning, he already knew my name and remembered my answers to this questionnaire.  We started the morning with a safety brief and a run-down of what to expect over the next two days.

A large storm was expected Sunday morning with lightning, so we decided to run a longer day of shooting on Saturday to cover as much of the shooting curriculum as we could.  I do not want to cover much of the curriculum, you need to take the class for that, but I will say my arms and knees took a good beating from working in, under, and around cars and SUVs!  We also did allot of practice around V-tac boards which helped with some of the skills we would use around actual vehicles.

The big storm expected Sunday allowed for an incredible discussion and presentation with Steve about his time in the teams.  I can’t say enough about the two hours we spent that morning; Steve’s mindset discussion was worth way more than what we paid for this class.    Luckily, the weather moved through fast and we were able to miss only a little time shooting.    Back on the range we ran carbines and did some awesome drills around and in the vehicles.

I spend so much time in the car these days, the skills I learned are priceless.   I enthusiastically recommend this class, and Donovan as an instructor, I even promptly signed up for two more of his classes!

Bryan Flannagan




Pictures Courtesy of @point1tactics Steve @stephen.drum and Greg @hamr556