Gun Of The Week

I want to start showcasing a cool gun we have in stock either online or in the showroom only. Figured, that maybe people don’t always see every option so maybe give them another spot to see something cool.

This week we have the Shadow Systems Elite DR920P with Compensator.

The DR920P is built on Shadow Systems’ full-size DR920 frame, packing a full 17+1 capacity. The comp and slide are machined to give a single-piece appearance, while the novel design allows for rapid removal and attachment of the comp for cleaning. The patent-pending integrated compensator aligns automatically without the need for set screws or other friction devices.

This gun is just cool, all the quality you expect from Shadow Systems but you also get a compensator that does not suck. It is clean and seamlessly integrated into the design of the firearm. It is red dot ready and compensated already? I’m in.

Pocket Dump

This week I picked our very own Project Rain for the EDC this week, when he’s not a DJ setting the trance world on fire he’s shipping your orders out!

Tim likes knives. Tim also loves p80 builds. He is running our ported rainbow barrel on one of his many builds. You should see his actual backpack and all the stuff he has in there. He can survive for days with what is in there.

There is such a wide variety of what people carry daily. Minimal carry to everything you can think of and more.


Trade-In Tuesdays

Our LE Trade-ins have been coming in hot lately. Tons of Glocks. Right now we have some pretty cool unissued Glock 17s.

The first option is an unissued law enforcement trade-in Glock 17 gen 5 w/ Glock night sights and 3 magazines. These are a great deal and we don’t see unissued gen 5 guns too often. The upgraded night sights are also something you don’t see too often!

The second option unissued law enforcement trade-in Glock 17 gen 5 w/ Glock Night Sights and 3 Magazines.

The same gun, just different sight options.

Monday Motivation

It’s Monday. Nobody likes Monday. Let’s change that. Here is a new thing I want to do, drill of the week. Give it to you Monday, you got all week to look at it and learn it. Run it on the weekend. Brag about it and tell your friends they suck and need to train more. Sounds like fun to me.

This week: Failure to Stop Drill, or Mozambique

The Failure to Stop Drill, or Mozambique, is usually done with a pistol when us at AIM run it but it can be done with a rifle or shotgun if you really wanted to do it.

Take a USPSA Target or body silhouette that has a dedicated chest and head area. Set the target up at 7 yards with your pistol and I Like to do 25 with a rifle.

Start from holster either appendix or OWB, if range rules say none of that good stuff, do low ready.

On the beep, two shots to the chest area and one to the head.

A four-second par time is a good time to aim for when shooting the Mozambique Drill at seven yards. Better shooters should be able to perform this drill in 2.5 seconds or less, from the holster. Real Spicy guys can shoot it in around 1.5 seconds.

Get out there and get training!


3 Guns I would get from AIM right this second

If you gave me a bunch of cash and said buy 3 guns from the showroom right now. This is what I would get. Unless we somehow happen to get something super cool in before I hit publish, this is what I would get.

  1. FN SCAR 20S 20IN .308 RIFLE

I don’t own a .308, I don’t own a scar. I want a scar, makes sense to me. Throw it in the cart.


I don’t own an AK, getting this solves that. I’m not a die-hard AK guy so I don’t care that it’s not one of the cool or rare ones, but this looks like fun and why not own one?


Best striker-fired gun on the market when you add in the apex trigger. I already have a 2.0, and now I want one that’s smaller to carry. That is where this comes in.


Foxtrot Mike Hybrid Lower

This is a really cool offering from Foxtrot Mike.

They have released a lower for the PCC crowd. The Hybrid is a new 9mm PCC option. The feature that jumps out instantly and sets this pistol caliber carbine apart from the others is the polymer lower receiver. Particularly, the pistol grip which allows housing a spare Glock magazine.

The magazine inside the pistol grip is released with a pistol-style thumb button release. Now it feels different at first but getting fast reloads with this setup is very easy to do after a few dry fire runs.

The polymer lower receiver of Hybrid has an aluminum insert in the buffer tube attachment area to keep things strong. This lower comes with ambidextrous safety, magazine release, and bolt catch. 

A super cool option for you PCC guys out there.


Benefits of being local #712

Being a local AIM customer has some perks. You can see the showroom and pick up the guns on the wall. Get a feel for what optic you may like or what safety selector feels best. The learning center wall is a great place to find out what you want on your next build.

You also get to see whatever guns we have in inventory in person, without worrying if it’s as cool in real life as in pictures. You can see and feel the products you ordered before you pay, just in case you end up not liking it and want to make a switch. You can avoid doing a return on something you were unsure of and get what you love right from the start.

So many perks, so little time. One of the best perks: the police trade-ins that are exclusive to local customers. Sometimes it’s a smaller number of trade-in Glocks or even FNs. Sometimes you get short-barrel shotguns that require a stamp from the lovely folks at the ATF. Sometimes you get used riot gear and soft body armor. It all depends on what comes in.

Currently, we have these sweet LE Trade-In Beretta 1301 tactical shotguns that are for local customers only.

If you are local come check them out! We have lots of cool things for you to pick up and play with!


Optic Cuts

Getting into red dots on pistols can be overwhelming at first. You want to get the best dot, but then you have to worry about optic cuts and making sure you have selected the right cut to run the red dot.

Different footprints go with different optics and some cuts cannot use adapter plates or adapter plates are not available, there are going to be tons of scenarios if you want to dig deep.

This is an excellent guide to explaining not only all the mounting points but also patterns, screw sizes, and models that fit what cut. Tons of really good information.

Matador Arms Montgo-9

The Stribog has exploded onto the scene for being a really fun gun at a really good price. The main complaint people had was that you cannot change the trigger or the grip without changing the lower out for one that takes Glock mags or scorpion mags. I personally have not had an issue with factory Stribog mags and the factory setup but I get it, people want to change stuff up to make it more personal to them.

Well, problem solved thanks to Matador Arms. You get this complete upper that is blowback, which lets you shoot without a buffer. Perfect for a little truck gun or backpack gun.

Matador Arms Montgo-9 upper receiver assembly comes with a 1/2×28″ threaded muzzle, non-reciprocating and reversible charging handle, a full-length pic rail on top, and a 3.5” pic rail section at the bottom of the handguard. The slots on the sides of the handguard are not M-LOK slots which is really the only thing that I kinda am bummed about but it isn’t a make or break.

It’s a pretty cool option for a fun little setup.