Shoot all day for $17, thanks to GSG

.22lr Fun
Like to shoot but can’t afford to shoot as much as you want???
GSG (German Sports Guns) makes a plinking King in .22lr. I have owned a GSG-5k SBR for a few years now and although it has put many smiles on my face, my new favorite is the GSG 1911 pistol. 80% of the parts are interchangeable with a standard 1911, and it has the weight and feel of my Kimber .45acp. $17 bought me a brick of .22lr and gave me a whole day of plinking, I just wish I had a sidekick to load my mags!

German Walther P1 9mm Pistols

Just In! These beautiful Post-War Walther P1 9mm pistols have recently been added to the Federal Curio & Relics list. (All local & state laws apply) Walther began manufacturing the P1 after WWII and into the 1980s. It is an improved version of the P38 with a lighter alloy frame. These pistols have minor wear and will be exceptional shooters. Each comes with two magazines, used holster and manual.
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