Ammo, It Does Exist!

The past 2 years have been crazy for the gun world. Especially ammo. The stuff at a good price has been incredibly difficult to find. Just when you think the prices are going down, you see a supply shortage. That just shoots the price back up and things didn’t change. You start to see a supply come in and the price goes up because all these dying dealers/ shops need to make more money on it to stay in business. So the price just stays/ goes up more. There has been what seems like a never ending up and down price flux and it’s just getting to the point where everyone is tired of it.

Then there was the announcement that the U.S wouldn’t be accepting any more future imports of ammo from Russia. That was a big blow to the supply chains that was slowly starting to come back. Russian imported ammo makes up a large percentage of the U.S. market on ammo. The good thing is that there is still plenty of ammo coming in that was already on papers to be imported. If they are gonna import close to lets just say 5 million rounds, the paperwork is for some crazy number like 40 million. They always prepare for the ability to have more because things happen and theres always a chance they need to import less. If something happens and they only import 3 million, then nothing happens. So most importers always inflate that number for that reason.

We got in a big Wolf shipment this week and it sparked me to update everyone on the current state of our ammo supply. We just had a restock of some of the odd surplus calibers, some of the cheap steel precision rounds, and some of the standard every day stuff we are all used to. The prices we have them at are still cheaper than just about everyone else. However the prices in general are still higher than they have been in years. We are doing our best to bring those prices down, but so many places are several bucks higher than us and still selling out of ammo. Not enough people are shopping around and finding good prices and deals. You don’t have to over pay at a local dealer for range ammo. Hit us up, save some money and tell your friends about us. The faster that happens, the faster the overall price of ammo on the market starts to drop.

Showroom Spotlight!

This week in the AimSurplus showroom we have P302 guns and parts on sale and on display! Each week we are going to start filling a display with a product or brand that is going to be at a discount we aren’t normally able to offer.

This is a good excuse to stop in before or after work and see what these sales/ sets of products are. If you’re a local customer then its always good to randomly stop in because we always have open box/blemish items that change regularly. We have one-off guns that don’t hit the website or sometimes even just limited small batches of ammo that we save back for the showroom.

Our local customers are who made us what we are today. We are thankful for all of our customers and we are always doing our hardest to offer the best deal and products and service each and every day. Without each one of your support we would not be able to do what we do. Stop in, look around, say hello and enjoy the showroom. Our staff is there for you!

Glocktober is Upon Us!

Glocktober is one of my favorite months of the year. I say this for many reasons. The first one being: I love Halloween time. The colder weather, the spooky decorations and some of the best/worst movies known to man are on constantly running. People also get a little weirder than normal and it makes me wish I maybe had a bigger gun on me. Secondly, I get to have a bigger gun on me. As it gets colder you start to layer up. As you layer up you get better at concealing firearms. Grips don’t print against your clothes as easily. It’s super nice!

This Glock 34 is a perfect example of that. As somebody who normally carries a 19 or a 48 MOS, my extra layers of clothes are going to allow me to rock a full size 34 with mag extension, optic and light without anybody being any wiser about it. Plus, I mean, Just look at it. This Glock 34 is one sexy beast!

We sell all kinds of Glock parts from slides and barrels down to the small frame parts and kits. Glocks are the AR of the handgun world where everything can be customized. It allows them to be the same but also unique to the owner. October you start to see all the Glock guys breaking out their cool/custom full size guns and carrying something different\ from the norm.

If you’re in the same boat and you’re noticing that your Glock might be in need of some Glocktober Holiday Time upgrades, then shake your way over to the website and take a gander at all the cool new parts we have gotten in lately. Lots of new triggers, optics, lights, or even just grab some mags to retire your old carry mags. Either way theres ton there and lots on sale!


One of the fastest growing platforms lately has for sure been the Sig P320. The modularity of the firearm and how easy it is to go from a full size firearms to literally any other possible combination is crazy. In less than a few minutes you can have a full size USPSA competition legal firearms to a compact conceal carry gun with a simple frame swap.

Sig has been putting out their own custom shop and cut slides. Barrels with different finishes and threaded and fluted barrels as well. Lots of new frames and comps and just overall the market for accessories is blowing up. They launched their P320 builder on the website. If you buy a chassis from a dealer like us and get the FCU, it comes with a 10% off coupon for anything you buy through their builder section of the website. The builder lets you select from any slide they have in stock and it generates a real time image of the gun you would be building if you had the parts right in front of you. It allows you to see what a specific slide and optic would look like on the frame you were thinking about using. Its a super cool program and I wish every company had their own version of it.

Right now we have a bunch of different P320s in stock because they keep releasing different builds and models with all the random parts they have. The good thing is the prices are hard to beat on them. The newest one we got is the Spectre P320 with a Tin Barrel and hand stippled frame. Usually by the time you bought a factory gun, added a TiN barrel and paid somebody to stipple your frame, send your slide off for machine work and you would be well over $1200. The new models Sig has been dropping have been coming in at $1100 and you don’t have to deal with any wait times or worrying about losing parts in shipping or any of that hassle.

While we have a bunch of the cool models in, we also right now have in a few of the base guns. So if you wanted to try the platform for yourself and test the modularity between parts, you don’t have to drop a grand. You can pick one up for the normal price and have the same fun at a slower pace. Either way, head to the website and check out the handgun page for yourself. Theres a ton there and lots of great deals!


Ohio Range Day is a Northern Ohio event that happens every year for the past 4 years. It started out as a group of friends getting together and shooting and training and growing better together. We all know how hard it is to get tot he range with friends when you have to plan around jobs, school, kids, sporting events and angry wives that want you home.

The best thing about ORD is that it entails the best of the best. Each year they grow and expand and get more and more cool things for the attendees. They invite out instructors, vendors, food and about 100 like minded guys and gals in the shooting world to get together and have a weekend of training and networking. Events like this are what help make the gun community stronger. This year you could train with 2 of 4 different instructors, there was night shooting/training and equipment to rent. There was catered food. Live fire demos of guns and products from various vendors. Competitions for giveaways and just overall a ton of fun to be had.

As a vendor, events like this are cool because you get your product, brand, whatever it is you’re trying to sell. Into the hands and in front of the faces of lots of people with various amounts of influence in the gun world. There were people there from all over the country with some large followings and plenty of chances for them to see what you had to offer. You get to hang out and make new industry friends and contacts and get to know guys that you maybe have only ever seen on the internet.

Since the start of ORD, we have seen other states take this concept and start their own versions of it. While we all know the OG one was started in Ohio, I love knowing that lots of more people are getting to experience this event in their own capacities.

If you aren’t near a “range day” of this caliber. It would be super cool and easy to start one of your own in your area. It will take a little bit of work on your end to get the ball rolling. The amount of payoff that you would get would be insane though. The impact an event like this can have is crazy. We had fun and we will continue to go and support this event anyway we can. I’ve tossed in some random pictures of our guys partaking in some of the shooting from this weekend. Have some fun, get out and shoot!