Oh Christmas Glock, Oh Christmas Glock…

I don’t always imagine Santa riding around in his Sleigh strapped as could be. However when I saw these Glock 17s come in today, that is all I could think about.

These are “Distressed” Glock 17 Gen 5s. One in red and another in Bazooka Green. If Santa was going to carry a handgun, I absolutely could see it being this. I think that maybe he would run a RMR as well, just because of his old eyes. Plus, you know he uses them. So they wouldn’t be in perfect condition. His would naturally be distressed or battleworn.

Glocks have done something incredible in the firearms industry. They have cornered so many niches in the market. From first time gun buyers, police forces, competition world and now even the North Pole. Glocks are great for customizing and jazzing up, or even just running bone stock and keeping them factory. They do so many things well and its hard to argue with them.

We will have a couple of Glocks for sale on our Black Friday sale this week. So stop into the showroom and grab a Black Friday Flyer. We broke it down and went old school and printed out some sales flyers for old times sake. Stop by this week and pick one up and be ready to get in line on Friday. We will be open and ready to go. Get a chance to score some once a year deals that we can’t offer anywhere else.


Do you know what a really underrated product in the gun world is? Let me tell you about the Magpul Daka Pouches. These things are like adult zip-loc bags. They are rugged, stronger, re-usable and kind of cool to look at.

The Daka pouches come in a bunch of different size and colors. They have large flat ones for documents that have a clear side to them that makes them somewhat waterproof and still allows you to read the document inside without having to open up the pouch. They have ones designed for the exact size of some suppressors. Some that are pouches that are great for holding gear or even ammo. In the picture above we have about 500rds of .45ACP tossed into it and the pouch shows no sign of tearing or stretching.

They are all made out of a thin polymer and hold their shape super well. They have large pull tabs on the zippers which makes opening and closing them super easy.

We even like to store guns in them. When you find yourself taking multiple guns to the range, tossing them in individual cases is definitely too much to carry. Even 1 range bag with a couple of soft padded cases in it can be bulky. So it’s cool to be able to toss them in a Daka pouch which is super slim and strong. Then toss them all into your range bag and not have to worry about them bouncing around and getting scratched or dinged by other gear in the bag.

They really do have a ton of uses. Plus they make great gifts. They even have a line of Daka wallets which I have personally been using for the past several years. They hold up well to moisture and the elements. I don’t have to worry about an expensive leather wallet losing its shape or getting destroyed over time. The polymer holds up well. Stop by the website and check out our Daka section. I can guarantee you there is at least one size/shape in there that you could find a use for.

The 365 Days of Christmas?

Do you have somebody in your family thats hoping to find a cool gift under the tree this year? Is that person also a firearm enthusiast? Heck, is that person NOT a firearm enthusiast but needs some protection and a way to feel safe in life? Then do we have the recommendation for you!

The Sig Sauer P365 has once again been one of the best selling firearms of the year. This time, they have a lot more accessories on the market and reviews and trusted shooters who stand by them. When they first came out they were using black magic to get a large capacity of 12rds into a gun that normally holds 7rds.

Now you have the ability to customize the heck out of them just like their larger brother, the Sig P320. There are slides, frames, different capacity magazines, optic cut slides and threaded barrels. All kinds of things. The reason we say this would make a great gift, is because you can very easily get this gun for literally anyone, regardless of their hand size, or body size. It is easy for them to customize this gun to their exact fit and preference. Its the perfect base carry gun that’s ready to be tailored to you.

We have a bunch of different complete guns, slides and other accessories readily available online and in the store. Stop in and let one of our counter guys show you all the cool stuff going on with them or even let you start putting one together yourself!

Black Friday Starts Early!

This week in the store and online we will be running some early Black-Friday deals. They are things we cant advertise price wise and things that we would love to actually get sold. Things that a lot of people probably just haven’t even realized we have.

Black Friday is the start of our “Busy” season. We put out our actual sale on Wednesdays and allow people to shop online early. This gives us plenty of orders to come in on in the shipping department since they won’t be back until that following Monday.

Now is a good time to head over to our website and browse the sale section and see what all goodies are in there. Lots of stuff that probably slid under your radar and tons of things that would make great gifts and stocking stuffers for the gun fanatic in your family!

Foxtrot Range Test

On Friday we got our very first shipment of the Foxtrot Mike Gen 2 11.5in AR Pistols. These things have been teased and teased for months and we have been dying to get our hands on them.

James, Peter and myself grabbed one off the shelf. Added a bunch of accessories to the gun. Including an Eotech EXPS2-0, Midwest Industries Fixed Iron sights, a BCM K.A. Hand stop and finally a SB Tactical 1913 Triangle Folding Brace.

These guns had a ton of hype built up around them because they do not require a buffer tube to function. Other uppers on the market that work this way are usually piston driven and not Direct Impingement. The gas system and BCG and bolt are all unique to this design. There is literally nobody else on the market right now doing Bufferless ARs this way.

With the hype being built up so much we decided to take it out immediately and put a bunch of rounds through it. We wanted to see if it was going to live up to the hype. We shot almost 1,000 rounds of Red Army Standard steel case .223 through it and had 0 problems. The gun was also running a Griffin suppressor and had been lubed before we started shooting.It was snowing and about 30degrees outside while we were at the range. So definitely not the best conditions. However, the gun ran great. Not a hiccup we could come up with. It shot nice and flat with the can and the recoil and gas in your face was very minimal. Thats the benefit of the modified gas/bolt system they are running.

If you wanna check one out for yourself, head over to the website and grab one off of there. If you’re not sure and just interested in learning more about the FMG2, then subscribe to our YouTube channel or IG accounts and we will try and get out some more videos of the gun in the near future. Explaining how it works and maybe even a takedown video!

Foxtrot 16in 9mm Review

Check out this review of the AIM Exclusive 16in 9mm Rifle from Foxtrot Mike. These AR9’s have always been super popular and are tons of fun. Check out this review and then head over to the website to pick one up for yourself. If you have a review or make a review that you think we would like. Send it our way and there’s always a chance we will share it or even post it on the products page so others can see your review!

Compact Three-OH-Hate

17 Designs is back at it again with the next step in allowing you to carry a 7in .308 Pistol in your backpack!

Their new receiver is just like the smaller AR15 version, only moved up onto the Ar10 Platform. Now you’re probably thinking. “Why do I need a more compact .308AR in my life?” The answer is simple. FOR FUN.

Usually stepping up into the larger AR platform world you find yourself buying 20in barrels, super adjustable stocks and bipods. Most people think precision rifle or a gun designed for reaching out and touching something. To be fair, the lower does shine in that atmosphere too. A lot of times guys who build DMR rifles like that would love to be able to fold the stock to get it to fit into a case or a custom Pelican or something along those lines. When you get too much length on a gun you run out of options for storage besides completely taking the upper off of the lower. This lower now helps with that.

As of right now I don’t know of anybody else making a AR10 lower with an integral side folding stock mechanism other than 17 Designs. So it’s hard to compare it to anything else on the market. This is just proof that there is still some room out there for new innovation and product design. No matter what kind of build you do, this lower would take it to the next level. Drop that 4in 6.5 Creedmoor upper onto this lower and a SBA3 and you’ve got a great truck gun. Or you could toss it onto your precision build and make carrying a 21lb gun a little more manageable. Stop onto the website and check them out for yourself!

Warhammer Time!

One of the easiest upgrades you can do to your rifle is to take out that old janky and basic charging handle and toss in something with a little more refinement.

The Breek Arms Warhammer is a nice budget friendly upgrade that your rifle and your knuckles will appreciate. The charging handle comes in under $30 and has the build quality of other charging handles in the $60+ range. The Warhammer has a nice sleek design to keep from getting snagged and caught on your other gear. The handles are skeletonized and have tons of texture on them so you don’t grab it and slide off on your racking of the gun and punch yourself in the face or scrape your knuckles on your scope.

They have a ledge on the back that seals up against the back of your upper and helps to keep gas out of your face. This is a feature guys love when shooting suppressed since gas is usually making you tear up. This is a feature you really don’t find on enough charging handles on the market I think.

Head to the website and check these guys out. They are currently on sale and would be a perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the gun guy or gal in your family!

Faxon Rimfire Drop!

Faxon Firearms invited us down a few weeks ago to tour their new facility and to see some of the new products they had set to release a little earlier than everyone else.

They gave us a behind the scenes look at the barrels and new Receiver. They have a wide variety of colors and styles that will drop at first. With different versions dropping later in the year with different lengths/fluting.

The receiver is nice and lightweight and has an integrated top rail to mount your favorite optics to and not have to worry about optics losing zero or rails coming loose.

We will carry the whole line of Faxon Rimfire parts and they are already live and for sale on the website. So if you’re a .22LR guy and enjoy having the ability to customize your own rifle then check out the parts on the website and let us know what you think about the new Faxon parts!