Tim… Tim likes FDE. He really likes it. When you watch this video you will see just how much he enjoys it. This installment of the what’s in your bag series is a good example of the different types of shooters we have here, not all of us bring the same stuff, and not all of us shoot primarily pistols. Some of us do not even have range bags for pistols, only rifle bags…or in some cases no bag, just whatever you can carry. Enjoy!


Custom Glocks are something that will never go away, and budget Glocks are something that will never go away. Why should they? You take a proven and reliable platform, find a way to make it more affordable, and make changes to cater to a specific crowd. That is a win-win.

Anderson decided to throw their hat in the ring with the KIGER 9c. A Glock 19-size firearm with a solid foundation. SCT frames have been blowing up, you may see this frame on the Kiger and think man that looks like an SCT frame. You are right it is. SCT made the frame and branded them with Anderson’s logos and name. Everything else is Anderson. The barrel is really nice and the only knock I have against it is that it is not an optic cut. It has a clean design with front and rear serrations. It is just missing the optic cut.

The frame is great and custom enough to please the majority, another cool part being that you still have plenty to work with if you wanted to customize it even more. Deeper undercut, shave some spots down, and get it laser engraved and stippled at Aim Surplus. Plenty of real estate to work with!

Check them out before they are gone!


Full Auto Friday

What happens when you take a 20-dollar optic and toss it on a $50k full auto mp5? Turns out, not much. They stayed on, didn’t break, and seemed to hold zero but who can hold a small group with full auto mag dumps? I thought for sure the beating of the shotgun would make the optic not work or even fly off but to all of our surprise, it held steady.

Check it out:

Drills and Thrills

Normally you go to work and repeat the cycle Monday through Friday. At AIM, some of us are fortunate enough that we get to do cooler stuff. Sometimes it’s Monday through Saturday but Saturday we are at a night vision demo shooting night vision. Today, we needed to film the next installment of our AIM drills. We also have a full auto MP5 that we want to start using to do cool stuff.

Stay tuned for the new drill and some fun MP5 content.


Mag Dump Monday

We talk about going to the range and running drills and training hard. That’s always fun sure. Do you know what is just as fun? Mag Dumps and shooting to shoot. Relieve some stress. That is precisely what I and world-famous Josh Vance did this weekend. For once, in I don’t know how long, we did not put up drills to run or set up stages. We loaded up mags, and just dumped them. It was fun and much-needed after a long week. We ran MP5s, Staccatos, MPX’s, Flux braces and a 365xl. Tossed cans on anything that would hold them, and just had fun. It was a welcomed change of pace.

We also may have put on a costume and done a Halloween photoshoot. That is for a different time though.

Hit the range and go have fun. It can be training and doing drills sure but, go mag dump and let your inner Rambo out to feast!


Whats in your bag? CANO

To continue our what is in your bag series, I decided to knock mine out real quick as I was switching to a new bag. I thought about going with a Vertx bag and decided I don’t need to spend that much money and realized the Savior Equipment range bags were almost the perfect size. I could use a little more space for mags but that’s not a huge issue. Check it out: https://youtu.be/_fMQslRlwQY


Got Holster?

You just got a new SCT Frame and are excited to build your new setup when… you have to decide on a holster. Most P80 or aftermarket Glock-style frames do not work with your average Glock holster. It can be a frustrating time to figure out what fits, so we decided to do some of the work for you.

We had the troops gather up every non-light-bearing Glock 19 holster they could find so we could see what fit!

Check this out!

Since you cannot leave comments on our blog due to nonstop spam, let us know on the youtube video if you guys find another holster that fits so we can help everyone get what they need!


AIM DRILL 1.2 October 2022

Alrighty folks. Aim Drill 1.1 had a ton of submissions and only a handful of passes. Some of our buddies took the challenge and smoked it. Shane from Impact Shooting Center was the first, then, we had Donovan Moore of Point 1 Tactics crush it. Then Graig from Neo Mag then proceeded to smoke it. Here is a link if you want to check that out that run!


And then…out of nowhere… Bobby Brisbin sent his video in and beat everyone by a good chunk of time. Bobby likes to go fast, he believes in speed. Hot, nasty speed. Check this run out:


This month we are releasing version 1.2 and at first glance, it might look easier because it’s only 6 shots total but it is sub 6 seconds on the time. The beautiful thing is you don’t have to worry about finding another target, it’s almost like we designed the target that way…

For this drill, we are looking at one shot to each 1-inch square at the top then 1 into the black circle. Perform a slide lock reload and then repeat the 3 shots.

Check this out:

Run this. Tag us/DM us. Get a patch and bragging rights!



The SCT Manufacturing Glock Compatible Frame is going to change the way you build pistols. It is the only frame at this price point packed with this level of features. This is a serialized frame with shooter-oriented ergonomics. Installed over molded rails that are ready to build. They are made with an industry-leading proprietary polymer blend and are compatible with Glock Gen 3 19,23, and 32 frames. Other features include:

Serrations and index points on the trigger guard to help control recoil

Serrations on top of the beaver tail reduce glare

Flared mag well

Thumb Accelerator pad

Advanced contour grip with aggressive texturing

Picatinny rail (not a Glock rail) “MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny”

High beaver tail with low profile bore axis

The grip angle is the same as the Glock factory

Slide stop guard

Larger trigger guard for better access with gloves

Recessed contoured mag release area for faster mag changes

Multi caliber- Compatible with compact 9mm, 40 cal, 357SIG

Mag Well compatibility

– Magpul

– SCT Coming SOON

Includes locking block

Weight – 3.5 oz. Without Locking Block