Single Stacks, Super Slick

Polymer 80 has finally started shipping their 80% Glock 43 single stack frames! We have seen parts kits, slides, and barrels popping up for the 43 everywhere lately. The downside is there are no readily available frames.

Polymer80 is once again filling a gap in the market where we have let one be for way too long. Lots of people are interested in 80% firearms for many reasons. We aren’t going to get too deep into that here because we already have on a different post. Go check that one out if you’re interested. The cool thing though is that these are coming out when the 43X and 48 are so popular.

The biggest positive I can see for these frames is for those of us that are already running a gun on the 48/43x platform. Basically, if you buy a Polymer80 43 frame, you get the ability to run that slide on the frame. So you can have a long framed 43, or a normal 43 if you have the 43X. The flip side is if you have a 48. You basically have a long 43X or a 43 long slide. You get the benefit of the longer sight radius and better accuracy of the 48. Then the easier to conceal frame of the 43. It gives you the ability to run multiple configurations with just 1 gun and an extra frame.

Check these frames out on the website because we just got them in stock. The demand for them once people see we have them is going to be insane. This is your chance to get them before anybody notices. GO! run! Good luck!