10.5 Is SOO IN Right Now

I think its safe to say that besides ammo, AR15s are some of the hottest things on the market right now. I would even take it a step further and say that specifically 10.5inch AR15 pistols are the main priority. I have a couple ideas behind why that is.

The first reason is because of pistol braces. Everybody that doesn’t already have an AR pistol is probably trying to get one because of all of the talk about banning them or registering them and some people see it as if they don’t act now and get one, they might not be able to in the future. It’s never a bad idea to buy a gun when a politician opens their mouth about them. It shows that we as a gun community doesn’t want to and won’t listen to their garbage they are spewing.

Another reason I think is because of the number of people actually carrying a bag gun or truck gun or in general just leaving the house with a rifle nowadays. The smaller barrels make concealing them way easier. Whether it be in a bag or vehicle. With so much evil and crazy stuff happening in the world at the moment, you never know when you’re shopping at the grocery store, and the next thing you know you’re trying to flee the scene while simultaneously getting that truck gun out of your bag. Too many instances lately where a rifle or any CCW weapon could have possibly saved many lives.

Lastly, it’s because the 10.5 guns from some of the big-name guys out there just look so dang HOT! In the pictures on this blog, there is a Geissele Super duty and a Zev Pro Elite pistol. They are both AR pistols from quality manufacturers and they have more features than you could shake a stick at. If you’re interested in either one of these fine firearms. you can find them over on your website in the Handguns tab. Don’t miss your chance to snag one up while we manage to have a few in stock!