Product Spotlight!

One of my favorite products that we picked up this year is the triangle folding SB Tactical brace.

When it first came out I thought it looked cool and was happy to see more brace options for the AK out there. However it wasn’t on my radar too much since I didn’t own an Ak and I would have no use for it. That all changed when I remembered about the Knight’s PDW.

We finally had a way to make KAC PDW look alike clones. That PDW is one of the most iconic guns out there in the Knight’s universe. A very rare and Iconic gun and one that’s super difficult to replicate. It is basically an AR platform that will allow for a Triangle Stock. A normal AR has a buffer tube to function and finding a platform that doesn’t is few and far between.

The perfect platform had shown up to pair it with too! The Foxtrot Mike gen 2 Pistol. It was a new buffer system that gave you a normal looking AR. Then removed the buffer tube and moved the recoil spring and buffer system into the upper. So you no longer were forced to use the buffer tube. It ships with the 1913 adapter in the lower already so you can toss on a 1913 brace and start shooting. Lots of people were running the normal SB1913 and the folding buffer adapters. However I would be running the Triangle brace to do my best to replicate that Knights.

Oh boy, does that gun look sweet. I finally had a close enough clone of the PDW that I was actually happy with. It is like a childhood dream coming true. The next best thing would be to stumble upon millions of dollars and just buy one of the prototypes. However I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Head to our website. Check out these 2 products and consider jumping on the Knight’s Clone idea with me. This is a combo I think looks great and actually works really well!

Savior-self some money!

The holidays are now closer and closer and you’re running out of time to finish up that last minute present buying. Let’s admit it though, some people are just plain difficult to shop for.

One thing that is always a give or a sure thing, is that gun guys love bags and gear. You cannot go wrong gifting a range bag, long gun case, magazine holder, travel bag, ect… You can never have enough. It’s always nice to be able to switch up your bags or try new things or just have extra way to setup your gear. Bug out bags, truck gun bags, you name it. There is always a need for another bag.

The Savior bags we carry are super popular. They are the best bang for your buck and you couldn’t go wrong picking up anything from them. They have tons of pockets. Lots of sizes and colors and also a bag in every price range. You don’t have to worry about getting something wrong here.

Never Crossed my Mind?

Right now is the time to be buying guns! The holiday season is upon us, manufacturing is catching back up and products are going onto competitive sales.

COVID really put a damper in the release and production of everything the past year or so. Firearms being made from metals and polymers and made in factories with hundreds of workers, they were obviously affected. Sig Sauer released the cross right before it all went down and it was really well received and was getting great reviews. Then it just up and disappeared. You couldn’t find one on the shelf or online anywhere for anything close to a normal price.

Now that things are slowly starting to settle back down to normal, we are finally getting our orders of them to show up. Like lots of people probably are. The Cross is a cool gun because even after you toss in a magazine and a scope or bipod, you’re probably coming in under 7lbs. If you are a hunter or a precision rifle shooter, then you know how great that number is.

The gun is lightweight, adjustable, compact, and down right beautiful. The Cross is got the look and quality of a high end bolt gun, without breaking the bank too bad. Don’t get me wrong, $1500 isn’t anything to laugh at. Considering other bolt guns of that quality and fit and finish don’t ever come under 2K to begin with.

The Cross is a gun that lots of people were looking to get their hands on and put a bunch of rounds down range with it. If you know somebody looking or wanna make Christmas really good for that firearm enthusiast in your life, head over to the website and grab a Cross while they exist again!

Thats FN Awesome!

Today we got in a cool little FN gun that we have been waiting for. The 502! I personally love guns like this that are basically miniature versions of full size guns, but in .22LR. The 502 is almost an exact copy of the 509, but slightly smaller and in .22LR.

The cool thing about this firearm is that it comes out of the box optic ready and includes a threaded barrel. Most people who are buying .22LR handguns are used to not having optics on them because the slide is so lite or polymer or any number of things. It’s just not something that manufacturers have been doing. Until FN released the 502 we have here. It comes with multiple optic plates in the box so you can run a varying number of optics. It also includes a 1/2×28 threaded barrel so most out of the box suppressors will fit on it. Thats super nice because usually for this price point you are getting a standard firearm. Then having to have the slide cut and buy a threaded barrel separately.

This gun out of the box is ready to go. You can rock the normal suppressor height iron sights that it comes with, toss on your favorite can and plink all day. The added benefit of the suppressor height sights really helps when you have a can on the gun like you should. It gives you the ability to actually use your sights unlike a lot of other rimfire handguns on the market. They gave you these options because they expect you to put on an optic or a suppressor when you use this gun. Other companies think of those things as an after thought.

We did not get a ton of these in and they are relatively new items. They have been drumming up some desire since they come feature ready right out of the box. If you or somebody you know has been looking for one, then send them over to our website and hopefully we still have them!

Do you even Carry Handle Gang?

I think any gun guy over the age of 20 at the moment, would agree that there is just something about a Carry handle upper build that is just….. So hot. Whether its old war movies, video games or funny memes on Reddit. The carry handle build will literally live on forever.

There is something that is retro and cool about it. Some things suck when you go retro. You downgrade a little bit. However this one you really don’t. Lots of people and places are still running their ARs with fixed iron sights. So even if you resorted to just running it stock, you would still be on par with some of the builds today. The cool thing is that even though we have added a mount and a red dot on this “Retro” build. There is still a large period of time where this was common and cutting edge. It’s still a popular design today because it still works and gets the job done. There are a lot of current and new setups that aren’t nearly as effective as this old one.

Building ARs is something that most gun lovers get into. It is tons of fun and building a gun that you had a fond memory of from a movie you used to watch or “Cloning” your favorite military rifle, just makes it scratch a nostalgic itch that nothing else can.

This is just a sample of the kinds of builds you can do with some of the cool parts that we sell. There are a million different things you could have done to recreate this build or one like it, all while making it your own. We have this one topped with an Aimpoint and a Trash Panda Suppressor. Just helps give it that modern mixed with retro look that we were going for. Plus a little Krylon paint gets the job done for the old scratch and dent jungle camo.

Betsy Ross Lowers!

There’s just something patriotic about having an AR15 built with homage to the great Betsy Ross. She created a symbol that will forever represent our country. Now we are being given to honor her memory with these AERO Precision “Betsy Ross” engraved lowers.

Each lower comes as a set. With a matching laser engraved upper to go along with your lower. The lower has a serial number that begins with “Betsy Ross- XXXXX” Laser engraved on the other side is the number 76 surrounded by stars. Meant to represent 1776 and the 13 Colonies.

We got in around 40 of these sets and things like this that allow you to be a little more patriotic than your neighbor, tend to sell fast. Special editions of things in general always sell good. This is no different. You even get a matching limited edition Aero Patch that you can’t get anywhere else without the lower. So head on over to our website and check out these lowers for yourself!

Christmas is Right Around the Corner!

This Christmas, get your loved ones something that will only increase in value over the years. Firearms are a great investment and with todays ever changing political climate, never a bad idea. They can be used for their normal purpose. Taken to the range. Shot a bunch and tossed around. All while still holding most of their initial value.

We have tons of items right now in our sale section for the Holidays. With how much the prices all year catching things on sale was pretty difficult. Partially because most places just weren’t running sales. Most things were flying off the shelves as fast as they could be restocked. Either the demand slowed down (which it didn’t) or the production started to catch up (yes), because now we have the ability to have stock of items for once.

If you have a loved one or a friend that has gun parts/ammo on their Christmas list, then now is the time to be shopping. We have several hundred items on sale that would make any firearm enthusiast happy to find them under the tree this year!