P80s Galore!

With the constant change in the political climate over the past couple of years, the number of Polymer80 frames being sold has been on an all time high! Whether you’re buying one to build for the first time as a hobbyist, building one because you can’t find an actual Glock in stock or even just milling one out because you prefer the frame shape and texture. No matter what your reasoning, its a good idea to have one.

Every gun owner will tell you there’s always that fear in the back of their head of an impeding confiscation. Plenty of people think they can pick one of these up and finish it and the government will never know! And they are right! Lots of people don’t know that its perfectly legal to manufacture your own firearms as long as you don’t have the intent to sell them. The polymer 80s have dominated the market in several ban states where certain firearms aren’t on roster and the p80 gives those guys ways to maybe have one.

Whatever your reason for wanting one, its hard to deny how great they are. They take all factory and aftermarket Glock Gen 3 parts. Some things like magwells are specific. But we see a number of companies coming out with polymer 80 specific magwells to help with that. Lots of holsters fit the design and just like with the magwell, we also see companies building specific holsters too. With the growing demand and the exponential amount of support, a Polymer 80 is always a great investment.