One of the hottest teased items of the year so far has been the Aero Precision EPC9 platform guns. This is Aero’s first venture into the 9mm PCC world and they let customers know about it almost a year ago. So they have had plenty of time to leak the teaser pics and videos. To make sure they drummed up enough speculation to make everyone drooling over themselves to get one. Kudos to them for excellent marketing!

We got in our first shipment this week and boy do they look good! Aero has always been known for their fit and finish and these things are no exception. They have that same deep black finish and M4E1 like styling that we have all come to know and love. Their LRBHO (las round bolt hold open) is the same as what New Frontier Armory has been doing. There is a bent steel rod that makes contact with the magazine follower and kicks the bolt release/catch out and locks the bolt on the last round. Is it our favorite way to do LRBHO? No. But there is nothing wrong with it. The sets will work great regardless.

We managed to get our hands on a couple different parts of their new release. We got a handful of lowers, some of the barreled uppers with their fancy R-One Handguard and even some of the bolt carrier groups. All of their stuff is compatible with other standard AR9 parts so no worries there if you already have a system you wanna use these with. We will be dropping them on our website 03/19/2021 with our Friday email and we expect them to fly fast. So don’t sleep on it and if you want some of these sets keep your eyes peeled that evening! Good Luck!