Let there be LIGHT(s)!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

One thing that I have learned over the years is that I have an obsession with buying lights. I’m hoping that I’m not the only one that suffers from this unfortunate disease. Any time that we get a new light in or one of the warehouse guys is talking about a new one he bough, I just wanna use it and try it and see how it compares to all my others.

The affinity I have for lights I think is due to the number of different kinds there are. Compiled with the number of different reasons you would need a light. There are lights for rifles that have high lumens but low candela. There are lights for handguns that have low lumens but high candela. There are some EDC lights that have multiple outputs for different reasons. A 3hr battery life at 300 lumens but a 30 minute at 1000 lumens. The different types seem to be endless.

I don’t have the best eyesight so I always carried a light in my pocket for little tasks where I just needed a little more light than I had. So I bought a cheap light with low lumens just for that. But quickly discovered I was on the wrong end of the spectrum. I would rather have more lumens than less because there were some times the low lumens just weren’t bright enough. Then I went way too high for lumens and was getting too much bounce and half the time couldn’t actually see what I was trying to look at. So I’ve struggled to find that right balance. Same goes for my guns too.

I enjoy a flashlight on my handgun that aesthetically looks flush with the barrel. Plus I enjoy lots of lumens. My rifles I actually prefer something like the Modlites that have a lower lumen count, but a higher candela. That allows you to have a longer throw and to see further with your light. Which makes sense because I more than likely wouldn’t be taking a shot that long with my handgun. So learning that lights pretty much need to be mission specific has been a game changer in my thought.

Right now we have a ton of different lights in stock. That might just be because I wanna test/ play with them all and figure out what I like. I will leave that up to you to decide. lol What that means for you is that right now we have a ton of the popular lights and all of the accessories for them. So head on over and grab some for yourself and let me know what works best for you or even what lights you would like to see us carry in general!