Ammo is back on the Menu!

PPU our dear friend, we have missed you SO! I will be honest with you guys. Prvi Partizan ammo is hands down my favorite ammo to shoot. Across all calibers even. They always have some of the cleanest stuff loaded to the specs that more people care about and it’s always at a better price than most.

When the pandemic hit PPU was still giving us some of the best pricing, the biggest quantities, and overall just being willing to work with us to get ammo into the hands of the people. Yes, prices increased across the board because production to the whole supply line across the world went to crap. Supply and demand then came into play and it made getting PPU ammo somewhat difficult. Just 2 years ago we could make a call and get 30 skids of PPU 9 in our building in less than a week.

Earlier this week for the first time in years now, I watched our forklift guy unload pallet after pallet of the PPU ammo and my heart grew warm. During the pandemic, we have seen one pallet here, 3 pallets there. Nothing like it was before though. I know we aren’t quite back to normal when it comes to pricing and availability, but for the first time in a long time. We have multiple pages of ammo in stock, we have multiple calibers from multiple manufactures and we even have ammo in stock for weeks at a time now.

It will take the firearms community a little bit longer to start coming back to what we knew previously as the “norm” and settle into what the new version of that is going to be. It’s a nice sign though, to start seeing some of our favorite ammo’s coming back in large quantities. Now don’t let that fool you, the ammo could easily dry right back up if the wrong politician decides to start running at the mouth on TV. So don’t go out and panic buy our new stock, but if you’ve been waiting for something specific to come in, now would be a good time. Happy Hunting everybody!

Alloy Frame Sig for the WIN!

The modularity of the Sig P320 is something to be amazed at. They are the only gun offering this level of customization out of the box without modifications or gunsmithing required. I still think the aftermarket world hasn’t “exploded” with parts like it should have, but it’s starting to pick up and as a Sig fan I’m excited about it.

Sig just released this AXG PRO. This gun comes from the factory with an optic cut full-size PRO slide, flat-faced trigger, and the new full-size AXG alloy frame with a Maxwell and 2 17rd mags. The frame is super slim and comfortable and reminds me of a P226. Now, I was kind of hoping that this was going to be a little bit heavier. I have a legion and the gun weights over 3lb unloaded. I expected the alloy frame to have a little more weight to it to handle the higher bore axis of the gun and help mitigate some of that muzzle flip you get. The only downside I see is that there is no way to add the frame weights like there is in the other Sig frames.

If you were to blindfold me and put this gun and a P226 or a P229 or any other alloy framed gun into my hand, I would not be able to tell you immediately that it was a P320. It’s varying from the norm and I love it. I’m excited to see it getting a wider variety of frames besides the standard X frames. I would like to see other companies offering different grips and frames to match this. With varying weights for competition and carry. There are lots of possibilities with the P320 Platform.

We only got 2 of these guns and they are up on the website. Check them out and grab one and start diving into the world of P320 customization with one of the coolest out of the box Sigs out there!.

What a Radical Rifle you’ve got there, Dude.

California is getting a chance to have its Assault Weapons Ban overturned and the ability to start having normal ARs in the state. Not that junk “Featureless” stuff. With the hopes that it does get overturned and stays in effect. We have put some of our most popular ARs on sale and marked them down to make them accessible to more people when the time comes.

The good thing for those of you that don’t live in California, is that we have a Radical rifle with B5 furniture on it coming in at $599.99! That’s a price that most places haven’t seen on a decent AR in almost 2 years. Typically that price would be on a base featureless rifle. This Radical is quite the opposite of a base rifle. Out of the box, all you would need is an optic and some ammo.

This rifle features a 16in Mid-Length Socom profile Chrome Moly Vanadium Barrel. Nitride Bolt carrier group, B5 Weapon Systems Stock and grip, and a 15in M-LOK Handguard ready for all your go-to accessories. Those are some pretty dang good stats for that price if you ask me. Radical has made leaps and bounds in their quality since they moved to Texas a few years back. They do everything in-house and QC it themselves to higher standards than they were able to afford to have things made outside the company.

Even if you own 100 rifles, picking up one of these Radicals is always a good idea. It’s at the perfect price and feature list to buy and just toss in the safe for the future. Just in case there’s another global pandemic and all firearms become impossible to get again or the price of lower-end guns skyrocket again. We have a couple hundred of these bad boys on the website. So head over there and grab yourself one while you can!

More Geissele Rifles, That’s Super!

Geissele calls these guns the Super Duty Rifles. The entire line of pistols and rifles are given that name. I personally can’t help but think in my head that they are the “Super Duper” rifles. Just makes more sense in my head and also sounds funny when you think it’s coming from a company with the reputation that Geissele has.

All joking aside, these rifles are pretty sweet. Geissele already demands a higher price just by tossing their logo on something. They are quickly becoming a household name across the industry. They used to just be known for their triggers. Then have slowly evolved to rails, optic mounts, and now full-fledged firearms.

These rifles feature a 16in Cold Hammer Forge, Chrome lined barrel, and 15in M-LOK handguard. They have awesome triggers pre-installed. The SSA-E is one of their most popular triggers. A carpenter 158 bolt, and a lunar black anodized receiver set.

These ARs are high quality and the price tag reflects that. They come in a little over 2K. I will complain that they DO NOT ship with a magazine… Like, seriously? Come on Geissele. For the price that people are shelling out for this rifle, you HAVE to include a magazine. I get that it’s an AR and people who don’t even own an AR, have an AR magazine laying around somewhere. But that’s insane. They even have their own branded magazine, that easily could have been tossed in. A cheap $8 Magpul mag would have sufficed as well.

Other than that, I can’t really think of too many downsides to this rifle. The price is a little steep, but that’s what you get when you’re buying Geissele. The quality is there so it’s not egregious. Overall I would say it’s worth picking up if you’re in the market for a high-end rifle. I don’t see these losing value either. We got in about 50 of them. They should stick around a bit, but on the off chance, they don’t. You know where to look on the website and check them out before they are gone!

MKIV Takes the GOLD!

Just last year I purchased my first ever .22LR Handgun. I picked up one of these new Ruger MKIV Lites. These things have blown my mind on what is capable out of a .22LR Handgun.

The one I picked up was in their anodized Blue color. It looks good but this gold color looks so incredibly cool. I topped mine with a Trijicon RMR and a Dead Air Mask Suppressor. I will tell you what though, I have had more fun shooting that gun than just about any other gun that I own.

I don’t feel terrible going to the range and blowing through 400 .22LR bullets like I would doing through 9mm. The gun has almost little to no recoil and the suppressor makes the gun easy on the ears to shoot. I could shoot this gun in my kitchen and nobody would ever know. It’s that quiet.

One cool feature of these upgraded guns is the ONE button takedown. Historically 22/45 pistols are a nightmare to clean and take care of. With the new push-button, it’s soooo simple. You just pop the upper off of the lower and the bolt pops out. Makes running a bore snake through super simple and cleaning the bolt a breeze.

The Picatinny rail that’s on the top makes running an optic super simple. Just mount it like you would any optic on a rifle. I use a Scalarworks lower 1/3rd mount. It puts the optic pretty high up. This works perfectly because I also mount a Surefire X300 Ultra on top. Since there is no light rail on the bottom. Looks super goofy, but it works. lol

We have some of these gold-colored ones in stock right now. If you want to head to the website and check them out for yourself, I’d go now because we didn’t have a bunch of them. If you end up buying one, let us know how you like it or if it performs flawlessly for you like it has for me!

LEO Trade-in 9mm Smiths

Hallelujah! I can honestly say I was not sure if we were going to see these guns at all this year. What I mean by that is the 9mm police trade-in firearms are some of our best-selling guns, but also somewhat difficult to get. They are bid on and the 9mms always seem to go higher than we are willing to pay for them. The more we pay for them, the more we have to charge for them. So we always try to get them at a cheap price that is a win-win for everybody or typically not at all. If the price is too high, we don’t think it’s worth bothering with.

This is the first batch we have managed to get for a good price this year. They are some M&P9 police trade-ins that are in excellent condition. These are in better condition than our last couple shipments of Sigs and other police guns. We also have a ton of magazines for them also coming in. Typically the mags sell out before the guns do, but this time we will definitely have a lot more mags than guns. The guns are live on the website right now (06/01/2021) and the mags should be up on the website shortly!

This is your chance to get some 9mm handguns in fantastic condition for a fraction of the price. I know I always say that this won’t last long. This time though, I mean it more than I usually do. There have been so many people waiting for them that the second we post them everyone will start to flock to the website.

2 Rights Make a Left?

One question I always got when I worked in the showroom downstairs was if I had any “Left Hand AR15s” in stock. I always thought it was a fair question but the answer was almost always No.

I knew there were places out there making left-handed uppers and complete guns, I just had not heard the best things about them. Or I hadn’t heard anything at all. This is disappointing, because of the number of times I got that question.

Much to my surprise, this week we got in some of these what I am going to call “Unicorn” guns. These are Stag Arms Left Hand Ejecting AR15s. The design just looks, “Off” as a right-handed shooter. Almost like some poorly done photoshop. However, upon handling the rifle it is actually a lot more impressive than I would have imagined. The build quality is actually pretty great. The ejection door is kind of weird because it flips up above the upper and not below it. It does that because otherwise the bolt catch would be blocked. I think I would almost rather them just removed the door entirely. I know they didn’t because of the number of people out there that think the dust cover is an essential part of the rifle.

I’ll be honest. I’m excited to get these things sold because I wanna hear the feedback on them. I want to see if Stag is doing what nobody else is and producing a good out of the box left-handed ejecting rifle. Now the lower isn’t ambi. The bolt release is still on the wrong side and the magazine release as well. The ejection though, which is commonly the biggest pain of shooting left-handed is at least out of your way. So no need to worry about hot brass burning your face and falling down the neck of your shirt.

We only got in 10 of these rifles and I expect them to go fast with how well they are put together. The handguard appears to have the same attachment style as the AERO R and S One. So I’m assuming they are making that for Stag or stag is licensing them from Aero. The trigger is mil-spec but you get a Magpul grip and stock. This is a great rifle for the money, plus it’s an even better deal if you’re wrong-handed. If you do pick up one of these rifles, please reach out and let us know how it performs. We are interested in seeing how well they work considering the negative reviews other left-handed ejecting uppers get.