Ammo is back on the Menu!

PPU our dear friend, we have missed you SO! I will be honest with you guys. Prvi Partizan ammo is hands down my favorite ammo to shoot. Across all calibers even. They always have some of the cleanest stuff loaded to the specs that more people care about and it’s always at a better price than most.

When the pandemic hit PPU was still giving us some of the best pricing, the biggest quantities, and overall just being willing to work with us to get ammo into the hands of the people. Yes, prices increased across the board because production to the whole supply line across the world went to crap. Supply and demand then came into play and it made getting PPU ammo somewhat difficult. Just 2 years ago we could make a call and get 30 skids of PPU 9 in our building in less than a week.

Earlier this week for the first time in years now, I watched our forklift guy unload pallet after pallet of the PPU ammo and my heart grew warm. During the pandemic, we have seen one pallet here, 3 pallets there. Nothing like it was before though. I know we aren’t quite back to normal when it comes to pricing and availability, but for the first time in a long time. We have multiple pages of ammo in stock, we have multiple calibers from multiple manufactures and we even have ammo in stock for weeks at a time now.

It will take the firearms community a little bit longer to start coming back to what we knew previously as the “norm” and settle into what the new version of that is going to be. It’s a nice sign though, to start seeing some of our favorite ammo’s coming back in large quantities. Now don’t let that fool you, the ammo could easily dry right back up if the wrong politician decides to start running at the mouth on TV. So don’t go out and panic buy our new stock, but if you’ve been waiting for something specific to come in, now would be a good time. Happy Hunting everybody!