LEO Trade-in 9mm Smiths

Hallelujah! I can honestly say I was not sure if we were going to see these guns at all this year. What I mean by that is the 9mm police trade-in firearms are some of our best-selling guns, but also somewhat difficult to get. They are bid on and the 9mms always seem to go higher than we are willing to pay for them. The more we pay for them, the more we have to charge for them. So we always try to get them at a cheap price that is a win-win for everybody or typically not at all. If the price is too high, we don’t think it’s worth bothering with.

This is the first batch we have managed to get for a good price this year. They are some M&P9 police trade-ins that are in excellent condition. These are in better condition than our last couple shipments of Sigs and other police guns. We also have a ton of magazines for them also coming in. Typically the mags sell out before the guns do, but this time we will definitely have a lot more mags than guns. The guns are live on the website right now (06/01/2021) and the mags should be up on the website shortly!

This is your chance to get some 9mm handguns in fantastic condition for a fraction of the price. I know I always say that this won’t last long. This time though, I mean it more than I usually do. There have been so many people waiting for them that the second we post them everyone will start to flock to the website.