2 Rights Make a Left?

One question I always got when I worked in the showroom downstairs was if I had any “Left Hand AR15s” in stock. I always thought it was a fair question but the answer was almost always No.

I knew there were places out there making left-handed uppers and complete guns, I just had not heard the best things about them. Or I hadn’t heard anything at all. This is disappointing, because of the number of times I got that question.

Much to my surprise, this week we got in some of these what I am going to call “Unicorn” guns. These are Stag Arms Left Hand Ejecting AR15s. The design just looks, “Off” as a right-handed shooter. Almost like some poorly done photoshop. However, upon handling the rifle it is actually a lot more impressive than I would have imagined. The build quality is actually pretty great. The ejection door is kind of weird because it flips up above the upper and not below it. It does that because otherwise the bolt catch would be blocked. I think I would almost rather them just removed the door entirely. I know they didn’t because of the number of people out there that think the dust cover is an essential part of the rifle.

I’ll be honest. I’m excited to get these things sold because I wanna hear the feedback on them. I want to see if Stag is doing what nobody else is and producing a good out of the box left-handed ejecting rifle. Now the lower isn’t ambi. The bolt release is still on the wrong side and the magazine release as well. The ejection though, which is commonly the biggest pain of shooting left-handed is at least out of your way. So no need to worry about hot brass burning your face and falling down the neck of your shirt.

We only got in 10 of these rifles and I expect them to go fast with how well they are put together. The handguard appears to have the same attachment style as the AERO R and S One. So I’m assuming they are making that for Stag or stag is licensing them from Aero. The trigger is mil-spec but you get a Magpul grip and stock. This is a great rifle for the money, plus it’s an even better deal if you’re wrong-handed. If you do pick up one of these rifles, please reach out and let us know how it performs. We are interested in seeing how well they work considering the negative reviews other left-handed ejecting uppers get.