Alloy Frame Sig for the WIN!

The modularity of the Sig P320 is something to be amazed at. They are the only gun offering this level of customization out of the box without modifications or gunsmithing required. I still think the aftermarket world hasn’t “exploded” with parts like it should have, but it’s starting to pick up and as a Sig fan I’m excited about it.

Sig just released this AXG PRO. This gun comes from the factory with an optic cut full-size PRO slide, flat-faced trigger, and the new full-size AXG alloy frame with a Maxwell and 2 17rd mags. The frame is super slim and comfortable and reminds me of a P226. Now, I was kind of hoping that this was going to be a little bit heavier. I have a legion and the gun weights over 3lb unloaded. I expected the alloy frame to have a little more weight to it to handle the higher bore axis of the gun and help mitigate some of that muzzle flip you get. The only downside I see is that there is no way to add the frame weights like there is in the other Sig frames.

If you were to blindfold me and put this gun and a P226 or a P229 or any other alloy framed gun into my hand, I would not be able to tell you immediately that it was a P320. It’s varying from the norm and I love it. I’m excited to see it getting a wider variety of frames besides the standard X frames. I would like to see other companies offering different grips and frames to match this. With varying weights for competition and carry. There are lots of possibilities with the P320 Platform.

We only got 2 of these guns and they are up on the website. Check them out and grab one and start diving into the world of P320 customization with one of the coolest out of the box Sigs out there!.