Want some Swiss on that?

Lately we have been listing some of these super cool Lugers on the website 1 at a time. They are super cool because each on is a little more unique than the next. Sometimes when we get trade ins or buy collections the guns generally look the same with similar finish wear in the same spots.

Glocks always have the dominant hand side of the frame rubbed more than the other side. (Officers seatbelts)

Sig 226s always have the front strap rubbed bare from the oils in the hand damaging that thin finish that was on the older Sig Pistols.

Each a little generic if you will. These Lugers all had somewhat different markings on them. Some had Swiss Emblems. Some have no emblem. Some have slightly different emblems and Swiss writings on them. Because of how cool they are, we are listing them one at a time and not all at once. That way we can get accurate and clear pictures of each one that way you can fully appreciate how cool these guns are.

Lugers tend to be pretty pricey now a days because of how rare ones in good condition can be to find. Another cool thing is the caliber that these are chambered in. While most of them were not, these are chambered in .65 Parabellum (.30 Luger) . These guns were not chambered in that round for long. So these are even more difficult to find in general.

With the way guns and ammo are right now we see people trying to get into different corners of the industry. Guys who shoot a lot are looking into new dry fire techniques. Guys who reload are looking at picking up new calibers to load with available components. Collectors are looking to sell off some of their collections to pay for ammo. Everyone is doing something different. If you aren’t already a collector, maybe now is the right time to start? You don’t see guns like these come available too often.

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