Lets celebrate… Zev-uary?

There is no simple way to doubt it. Zev Technologies makes some of hottest firearms on the market.

In the picture above is their OZ9 HyperComp. This is a super cool gun because of the ported island barrel. The reason this is super cool is because of the benefits you get from having it. The ports give you gas pressure up which helps you drive the gun down for continuous strings of fire. The milling in and around the slide help reduce the amount of mass moving back on each shot with loosely translates to less felt recoil. Finally the sight is pinned right into the barrel. So you don’t have to track the sight as much with each shot. Normally the sight is on the slide and moves back and forth with each shot, but with it being pinned on the barrel it moves drastically less!

One of the other Zev guns we have in stock right now is the Octane Micro! This gun is basically a beautiful optic cut, Zev-ified Sig 365. It comes cut for the RMSC pattern of optics, tons of slide serrations for more grip and better ability to press check, and a stippled frame with some cool laser work on it to make it look clean and crisp. One cool thing about both of these guns is the modularity. The OZ9 and the Octane bother have swappable grips, trigger, and slides. They are all easy parts to swap out and move around without any gunsmith knowledge or help needed.

So hop on the website, check out these guns, watch the YouTube videos, literally do whatever. But don’t pass up on these guns because they won’t be around for long. I expect them to sell out very fast!

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