Yo Gamma Gamma!

If you understood that Title I’m sorry. . . . LOL

Time and time again we get people into the shop who are wanting to replace their old A2 Flash Hider with “Something Better”

Lots of times those customers aren’t quite sure what it is exactly that there looking for. I am a firm believer that a Suppressor is the best muzzle device, but that’s a topic for a different discussion. If you’re not looking to replace your muzzle device with something specific, for a specific reason, Then the Aero VG6 Line of muzzle devices are pretty dang awesome!

The cool thing about the VG6 line is that they have a lot of feature for something as simple as a muzzle device. They have some pretty big ports on the side, they have prongs like a flash hider, and strategically placed compensator holes. Usually a compensator will give you some added back pressure, but with the giant ports it equals out and you lose that extra pressure through there. The side ports help keep the gun from bouncing left or right and attempt to keep you on target for your follow up shop. The tiny bit of extra back pressure you get helps your gun cycle just that little bit better. Pair that with a proper buffer weight and you’ve got yourself a very flat shooting rifle.

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