Do you even Carry Handle Gang?

I think any gun guy over the age of 20 at the moment, would agree that there is just something about a Carry handle upper build that is just….. So hot. Whether its old war movies, video games or funny memes on Reddit. The carry handle build will literally live on forever.

There is something that is retro and cool about it. Some things suck when you go retro. You downgrade a little bit. However this one you really don’t. Lots of people and places are still running their ARs with fixed iron sights. So even if you resorted to just running it stock, you would still be on par with some of the builds today. The cool thing is that even though we have added a mount and a red dot on this “Retro” build. There is still a large period of time where this was common and cutting edge. It’s still a popular design today because it still works and gets the job done. There are a lot of current and new setups that aren’t nearly as effective as this old one.

Building ARs is something that most gun lovers get into. It is tons of fun and building a gun that you had a fond memory of from a movie you used to watch or “Cloning” your favorite military rifle, just makes it scratch a nostalgic itch that nothing else can.

This is just a sample of the kinds of builds you can do with some of the cool parts that we sell. There are a million different things you could have done to recreate this build or one like it, all while making it your own. We have this one topped with an Aimpoint and a Trash Panda Suppressor. Just helps give it that modern mixed with retro look that we were going for. Plus a little Krylon paint gets the job done for the old scratch and dent jungle camo.

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