Compact Three-OH-Hate

17 Designs is back at it again with the next step in allowing you to carry a 7in .308 Pistol in your backpack!

Their new receiver is just like the smaller AR15 version, only moved up onto the Ar10 Platform. Now you’re probably thinking. “Why do I need a more compact .308AR in my life?” The answer is simple. FOR FUN.

Usually stepping up into the larger AR platform world you find yourself buying 20in barrels, super adjustable stocks and bipods. Most people think precision rifle or a gun designed for reaching out and touching something. To be fair, the lower does shine in that atmosphere too. A lot of times guys who build DMR rifles like that would love to be able to fold the stock to get it to fit into a case or a custom Pelican or something along those lines. When you get too much length on a gun you run out of options for storage besides completely taking the upper off of the lower. This lower now helps with that.

As of right now I don’t know of anybody else making a AR10 lower with an integral side folding stock mechanism other than 17 Designs. So it’s hard to compare it to anything else on the market. This is just proof that there is still some room out there for new innovation and product design. No matter what kind of build you do, this lower would take it to the next level. Drop that 4in 6.5 Creedmoor upper onto this lower and a SBA3 and you’ve got a great truck gun. Or you could toss it onto your precision build and make carrying a 21lb gun a little more manageable. Stop onto the website and check them out for yourself!