The 365 Days of Christmas?

Do you have somebody in your family thats hoping to find a cool gift under the tree this year? Is that person also a firearm enthusiast? Heck, is that person NOT a firearm enthusiast but needs some protection and a way to feel safe in life? Then do we have the recommendation for you!

The Sig Sauer P365 has once again been one of the best selling firearms of the year. This time, they have a lot more accessories on the market and reviews and trusted shooters who stand by them. When they first came out they were using black magic to get a large capacity of 12rds into a gun that normally holds 7rds.

Now you have the ability to customize the heck out of them just like their larger brother, the Sig P320. There are slides, frames, different capacity magazines, optic cut slides and threaded barrels. All kinds of things. The reason we say this would make a great gift, is because you can very easily get this gun for literally anyone, regardless of their hand size, or body size. It is easy for them to customize this gun to their exact fit and preference. Its the perfect base carry gun that’s ready to be tailored to you.

We have a bunch of different complete guns, slides and other accessories readily available online and in the store. Stop in and let one of our counter guys show you all the cool stuff going on with them or even let you start putting one together yourself!

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