A Surplus amount of Norincos!

I think if you ask any guy who is an avid C&R collector about how the C&R market has been treating them lately. They probably won’t have anything nice to say.

C&R guns have to meet a specific criteria to qualify and even the ones that do, can be difficult to track down and find. Surplus itself is difficult to find. Let alone ones that qualify. We just recently for the first time in a while got some surplus Tokarevs in that qualify!

Not only that, but we got in a larger amount of them than most surplus we have seen in the past years. These are in great shape. They are Chinese Norinco Type 54 Tokarevs. They have the trigger safety added to meet the importation laws and they have a fantastic finish on them.

These are the kinds of C&R guns that people have been begging for, for a long time. They are in good condition, plentiful and not crazy expensive. Head to our website and check them out yourself! If you’re a local customer, don’t forget that you can stop into our Showroom and handle a few of them and pick yourself out a good one in person! If you have a C&R and you haven’t used it in a few years, this is the gun to get!

Set your Sights on Sig!

One thing that we like doing as a company is trying to fill a gap in the market where we see one is appearing. For instance, Glock slides were super crazy expensive for a long time because the demand was so high and everyone was building or replacing their factory one. So we had some super affordable and quality slides made to bridge that gap between junk and crazy expensive. Same thing with out AimSurplus Drop in trigger. Most good AR triggers were coming in at about $150+ and anything under that was basically Mil-Spec. We made a reliable, crisp and affordable trigger that forced the market to adapt and it sure did. Now you can find plenty of good triggers under that price, but still not many beating our price on our SSTAT.

Now let’s switch your attention to why we are here. Sig Sauer Sights! We noticed that simple sights were the same way in the industry. You could either pay for some cheap plastic sights that were nothing special or you could pay over 100 bucks for a set of sights that probably didn’t need to cost that much. First we released our Glock sights that were a nice steel set with both suppressor height and standard and a couple different variations. We now just recently released our Sig Sauer P320 Sights that are going to fill the void for them.

These are the same build quality and materials that the market has come to know and love from our Glock sights. We are offering Fiber Optic first because of the popularity surrounding them. We have both Suppressor Height and Standard Height available. They ship with green fiber optic rods to begin with, but can easily be swapped over to the red or yellow rod if you prefer. Our Glock versions of these have been insanely popular and with all of the P320 parts coming readily available and the building world for the P320 exploding we expect these to be pretty popular as well! Check out our website, order a pair of these sights and see for yourself why they are so popular!

These mags are MEAN

There are very few products that come out each year that are truly “Innovative” These Mean Arms Endomags, are it. While they did come out a few years ago they are starting to take off again.

I personally found these guys on KickStarter several years ago. When the funding finally happened and they started production I got my first run. They ran super great and I had no problems whatsoever with them. I started working at AIM, the owner saw mine and next thing you know we are carrying and selling them at AIM.

The reason these mags are innovative is because they take a really simple idea and a problem that has been plaguing the gun world, and they solved it. For those of you that do not know. The Endomags are 9mm inserts that fit inside of a Gen2 or Gen3 Magpul 30rd Pmag. That might not make a a lot of sense right off the top of your head. Basically they let you stack 30 rounds of 9mm into a AR magazine, toss a 9mm upper and buffer into your pre existing AR lower and you’re ready to go!

The benefit to these over a regular lower that takes Glock mags is actually more important than you think. When you go and shoot and train, you can use the same mag carriers, chest rigs, and even the same lower you’re familiar with as your standard AR. Which means you’re getting more reps on a cheaper platform and retaining the same muscle memory. Swapping between platforms can be detrimental to muscle memory when the time counts.

The link below is to our IG where we first showed these off and it got a ton of attention! Since their release, Mean has partnered with CMMG to have the mags used in some of their proprietary guns.


Plum full of Mags right now

Some of the most Iconic styles in the AK world include things like the Krink, The under folder stock, a wire stock or even some nice clean wooden furniture. The one thing they all have in common, A Plum AK magazine looks great in it.

There is just something about an old AK mag that looks at home in an AK. Especially when its a plum. I think that a matching plum colored wood Handguard and a triangle stock is the best looking AK setup out there. Especially when you get it on a short barreled Krink…. Oh, you agree with me? Did we just become best friends? Well then do I have a deal for you. We have a whole gaylord full of Plum magazines in the warehouse right now!

These are Rare Plum Color Russian made military AK74 30rd 5.45×39 Rifle Magazines. These are original military magazines complete with arsenal marking, metal lined feed lips, insert and locking tabs, etc. Used but great Condition. Tula Made.  Please note, some mags are more of a blackish tint but plum in the light.

Safety is in the palm of Scott’s hands…?

Our Hand Model Scott…. lol

One of our bestselling AIM products is our V2 Ambi-Safety. The reason our V2 is our bestselling is because we combined features from other expensive safeties and made it super affordable. We like a nice audible click in and out of position, a smooth flip and easy to grip paddles.

They are made from a 7075 and have a Hard coat anodized finish. Each paddle has lightening cuts to give it texture and a nice look. The firing hand side has a shorter lever to not interfere with the trigger finger. With the larger paddle on the opposite side to give your thumb enough surface to easily engage on and off.

Its also able to be set up in 45 degree or a full 90 for those of you that like having that shorter throw. Most safeties with those kind of features are coming in at well over $50. However ours coming in at $20 is a STEAL.

Make your way over to our website and check them out now!

17 Designs won’t Fold on the Competition

17 Designs is a relatively new name in the firearms world. With that being said, they have been designing and manufacturing firearms for a few years now.

They used to and still do a lot of OEM manufacturing for bigger brands and finally just decided to starting branding some of their own stuff. One of the coolest things they make is their IFLR.

This lower is pretty dang cool because it has a folding stock adapter built right into the lower itself. The IFLR stands for “Integrated Folding Lower Receiver” which isn’t being done by well…. anyone but them. Law Tactical is a household name for their folding stock adapters. But you pay a pretty penny for that part. This lower comes in either at the same price or a little bit cheaper (depending on when you find them on sale) than just the folding adapter itself. Not to mention that this is not just a forged lower. Its a billet lower with a decent amount of style. You are basically buying the folding adapter and getting the lower for free in this scenario.

The folding mech appears to be pretty well built. Out of the hundreds we have sold, not a single one has come back. These would be perfect for a backpack gun or a truck gun you need to fit in a specific space. They also are getting ready to make the same lower in a 9mm lower which would be pretty sweet too. So check out our ad on the website for them and then also keep your eyes peeled for that 9mm lower in the near future!