A Surplus amount of Norincos!

I think if you ask any guy who is an avid C&R collector about how the C&R market has been treating them lately. They probably won’t have anything nice to say.

C&R guns have to meet a specific criteria to qualify and even the ones that do, can be difficult to track down and find. Surplus itself is difficult to find. Let alone ones that qualify. We just recently for the first time in a while got some surplus Tokarevs in that qualify!

Not only that, but we got in a larger amount of them than most surplus we have seen in the past years. These are in great shape. They are Chinese Norinco Type 54 Tokarevs. They have the trigger safety added to meet the importation laws and they have a fantastic finish on them.

These are the kinds of C&R guns that people have been begging for, for a long time. They are in good condition, plentiful and not crazy expensive. Head to our website and check them out yourself! If you’re a local customer, don’t forget that you can stop into our Showroom and handle a few of them and pick yourself out a good one in person! If you have a C&R and you haven’t used it in a few years, this is the gun to get!