How To Buy A Firearm From Us

There is alot of misinformation on what it actually takes to purchase a firearm. Media will tell you it is as easy as ordering a pizza, I wish it was. I wish I could be watching Die Hard on the couch and say “Man I want an MP5” pick up my phone and order one and have a delivery driver just drop it off. That would be lovely but this is real life and that is not how it works. So what does it take to purchase a firearm from us? Let’s take a look.

Let’s set the scene: you are on YouTube checking out the AIMSurplus channel and see a very handsome man showing off the newest arrival and it hits you…. I need to have that! Not the handsome man, the newest pistol on the market!

Now that you have narrowed down which new firearm you want and have decided to take the next step and purchase one. There are two ways you can do that from us. 1. Order online. 2. Come into our showroom if you are local. Let’s go down step 1’s path.

You purchase your firearm on the website. You go to checkout and in that process, you select what FFL Dealer you want to use. We cannot just ship a firearm to your door. So we ship to a licensed dealer of your choosing and if you do not have a set dealer in mind, we can find one for you. Then you pay, and we verify all the info, and that the dealer has an up-to-date and signed license. Your firearm ships out and your dealer gets it in a couple days. They check it in and do their process, most should be pretty similar but they call you and tell you hey it’s arrived you are ok to come fill out the paperwork. You will then do whatever the dealers’ procedures are according to their policy and state law. You clear your 4473, you are good to go. Enjoy your new firearm.

Now let’s go down route 2. You come into our showroom and at first glance a little frightened by the showroom staff. You gather your composure and realize ok they are harmless it just looks scary. I am kidding they are lovely young men. You browse the selection and see what there is in the cabinets and on the walls. You narrow down your pick and let one of the guys at the counter know what you want to purchase. They get you set up and give you a code, send you to the laptops in the showroom to start your paperwork. You fill out the 4473 and then two different routes to go. 1. you have a CCW, they see this and do not need to run a background check (Ohio runs your background check often with a CCW), or 2. you have to run a background check. If you have a valid CCW, all that is left is to pay for your purchase and you are good to go. If you are running a background check, they will need to run all the info into the system to verify you are allowed to purchase the firearm. Sometimes that can take up to an hour, our policy is that you need to stay on the property while it is in process or you can do a delay if you are short on time. Sometimes it will automatically delay it due to them being overwhelmed with requests. If you hit a delay they will update the request in a day or so and let us know you are good to go. Sometimes you can go into researching, this can happen for a variety of reasons. It’s not a bad thing, they just need to do some more research (someone could have almost the same exact name and they need to verify whos who)

After your 4473 clears, you are good to go and can enjoy your new firearm. Go home, learn the controls, and get comfortable with it. Go take classes, and get proficient with it after all it’s yours now!

See, you cannot just go grab one off the shelf and take it without anyone knowing you purchased it. If you run into any issues, shoot us an email if you are online and if you are in person, come on in and ask the guys in the showroom anything you want! They are all there to help and if its something they do not know, there is someone in the building who will know!

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