Plum full of Mags right now

Some of the most Iconic styles in the AK world include things like the Krink, The under folder stock, a wire stock or even some nice clean wooden furniture. The one thing they all have in common, A Plum AK magazine looks great in it.

There is just something about an old AK mag that looks at home in an AK. Especially when its a plum. I think that a matching plum colored wood Handguard and a triangle stock is the best looking AK setup out there. Especially when you get it on a short barreled Krink…. Oh, you agree with me? Did we just become best friends? Well then do I have a deal for you. We have a whole gaylord full of Plum magazines in the warehouse right now!

These are Rare Plum Color Russian made military AK74 30rd 5.45×39 Rifle Magazines. These are original military magazines complete with arsenal marking, metal lined feed lips, insert and locking tabs, etc. Used but great Condition. Tula Made.  Please note, some mags are more of a blackish tint but plum in the light.