17 Designs won’t Fold on the Competition

17 Designs is a relatively new name in the firearms world. With that being said, they have been designing and manufacturing firearms for a few years now.

They used to and still do a lot of OEM manufacturing for bigger brands and finally just decided to starting branding some of their own stuff. One of the coolest things they make is their IFLR.

This lower is pretty dang cool because it has a folding stock adapter built right into the lower itself. The IFLR stands for “Integrated Folding Lower Receiver” which isn’t being done by well…. anyone but them. Law Tactical is a household name for their folding stock adapters. But you pay a pretty penny for that part. This lower comes in either at the same price or a little bit cheaper (depending on when you find them on sale) than just the folding adapter itself. Not to mention that this is not just a forged lower. Its a billet lower with a decent amount of style. You are basically buying the folding adapter and getting the lower for free in this scenario.

The folding mech appears to be pretty well built. Out of the hundreds we have sold, not a single one has come back. These would be perfect for a backpack gun or a truck gun you need to fit in a specific space. They also are getting ready to make the same lower in a 9mm lower which would be pretty sweet too. So check out our ad on the website for them and then also keep your eyes peeled for that 9mm lower in the near future!

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