Safety is in the palm of Scott’s hands…?

Our Hand Model Scott…. lol

One of our bestselling AIM products is our V2 Ambi-Safety. The reason our V2 is our bestselling is because we combined features from other expensive safeties and made it super affordable. We like a nice audible click in and out of position, a smooth flip and easy to grip paddles.

They are made from a 7075 and have a Hard coat anodized finish. Each paddle has lightening cuts to give it texture and a nice look. The firing hand side has a shorter lever to not interfere with the trigger finger. With the larger paddle on the opposite side to give your thumb enough surface to easily engage on and off.

Its also able to be set up in 45 degree or a full 90 for those of you that like having that shorter throw. Most safeties with those kind of features are coming in at well over $50. However ours coming in at $20 is a STEAL.

Make your way over to our website and check them out now!