New M&P Trigger Options!

For the longest time the M&P Series of firearms has held an odd title. It single handily has the best and worst trigger on the market. How is that so?

The factory trigger in the full size and compact M&P’s specifically the generation 1, has the worst trigger in it from a major company, without a doubt. The trigger pull is so long and spongey and the trigger shoe has a huge curve to it and the trigger safety is hinged onto the huge curve/shoe itself.

The plus side to that, is that APEX Tactical has made one of the best triggers for the M&P to ever exist. In any gun for that matter. It’s out of the box comparable to any 2K 1911 trigger you want to put it up against. It comes with a bunch of springs to adjust the pull weight and feel. It has the option for a curved or straight trigger. Now offered in polymer and aluminum. For. the longest time, APEX was a must have part to immediately add to your M&P series gun. The downside. Is if you for some strange reason didn’t like the AEPX, you didn’t have very many options that were even close to being good.

Overwatch precision has now released a new trigger that for sure holds its own to the APEX. Even Timney has now released their own trigger with the same idea as their Glock trigger. If you are a M&P Shooter, then you need to get our and pick up one of these triggers and give them a try. You might end up taking a trigger you hated and it becoming the best one you’ve ever felt. We just got in both of these new triggers and even posted a comparison video on IG. You should head over there and check it out and if you do grab a new one, reach out and let us know how it feel/works/your thoughts.

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