Riley Defense Triangle AK

Riley Defense is at it again! Bringing us an affordable AK with the design and ergonomics customers are asking for!

We all know everyone loves a good Triangle Folder AK. It’s a given in life like death and taxes. Riley Defense has been known for its quality and affordable AKs and their new one is no different. It features a 16.25 in 7.62×39 nitrided barrel, a side folding triangle stock with wooden handguard and a big ole muzzle device. Optic rail is mounted onto the forged trunion so you know you immediately have a way to mount an optic.

Right now the AK world has been at the highest prices they have ever been. 7.62×39 is still one of the more affordable rifle rounds and at the moment readily available. Most people will always be an AK guy or a AR guy. If you have ever wanted to try the opposition and not get stuck with an expensive gun you might not like, then grab this Riley. It’s quality for the price and on the minimal chance you don’t like it, would still hold its resale value.

These Rileys are on the website and they are arguably some of the better ones we have in stock right now. Head on over to the page and check out what we have and give them a shot of your own!

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