Ammo, It Does Exist!

The past 2 years have been crazy for the gun world. Especially ammo. The stuff at a good price has been incredibly difficult to find. Just when you think the prices are going down, you see a supply shortage. That just shoots the price back up and things didn’t change. You start to see a supply come in and the price goes up because all these dying dealers/ shops need to make more money on it to stay in business. So the price just stays/ goes up more. There has been what seems like a never ending up and down price flux and it’s just getting to the point where everyone is tired of it.

Then there was the announcement that the U.S wouldn’t be accepting any more future imports of ammo from Russia. That was a big blow to the supply chains that was slowly starting to come back. Russian imported ammo makes up a large percentage of the U.S. market on ammo. The good thing is that there is still plenty of ammo coming in that was already on papers to be imported. If they are gonna import close to lets just say 5 million rounds, the paperwork is for some crazy number like 40 million. They always prepare for the ability to have more because things happen and theres always a chance they need to import less. If something happens and they only import 3 million, then nothing happens. So most importers always inflate that number for that reason.

We got in a big Wolf shipment this week and it sparked me to update everyone on the current state of our ammo supply. We just had a restock of some of the odd surplus calibers, some of the cheap steel precision rounds, and some of the standard every day stuff we are all used to. The prices we have them at are still cheaper than just about everyone else. However the prices in general are still higher than they have been in years. We are doing our best to bring those prices down, but so many places are several bucks higher than us and still selling out of ammo. Not enough people are shopping around and finding good prices and deals. You don’t have to over pay at a local dealer for range ammo. Hit us up, save some money and tell your friends about us. The faster that happens, the faster the overall price of ammo on the market starts to drop.