Carry Ammo

Over the last year and a half working in the showroom, I noticed a large amount of people carried range ammo for their carry ammo. Now, we did have a little bit of an ammo availability situation so that could be the reason why but still.

When grabbing some defense ammo, I like to look at FPS and I like 1300 range just cause of the ballistic videos I have watched personally but you may carry something different. In my M&P I run Federal HST, in my Stribog I run Hornady Critical Defense, in my .300 blackout I run Grind Hard Ammo .300 blackout subsonic max expansion. That being said, what I run may not work for you. Youtube is a great source for reviews on ammo types.

There are a lot of reasons you do not want to run range ammo. FMJ/Range ammo does not expand upon impacting the target, because the bullet is typically a round nose or ball. This means you are going to get less damage than an expanding bullet and a round will easily pass through a body and possibly cause damage to an innocent person.

With Jacketed Hollow Point or Hollow Point, you are going to get expansion and transfer more energy into the threat to create a larger wound channel, increasing your potential to stop the threat sooner. The chance of over penetration is lowered so innocent bystanders are in less danger.

Target and Range ammo is best for…you guessed it the Target and Range. When your life or your families life is on the line, use defense ammo.

Drills to push your training.

Did you get out and train this past weekend? A lot of the guys at Aim shoot at least one day a week. Sometimes it is 1 or 2 of us, sometimes it’s 12 of us. Random days will be rifle and pistols, some just rifles or pistols, no real pattern just kind of whoever feels like doing something does it.

This weekend a couple of us worked on two really fun and challenging standards. I enjoy these drills because they are doable but really push you to use what you have tried so hard to perfect.

The F.A.S.T Challenge and Shoot 2.

The F.A.S.T is a really fun one to run especially when you read it and think “ok that seems very possible to run clean” And then you do it and really have to be dialed in to even come close. Forcing you to rely on what you have learned and apply it properly. Here is the challenge:

This drill was created by the late Todd Green. the F.A.S.T drill is now done with Ernest Langdon. The target is set at 7 yards and consists of a 3×5 box and an 8-inch circle.

The F.A.S.T. (Fundamentals, Accuracy, & Speed Test):
Range: 7 yards
Start position: weapon concealed or in retention duty holster with all retention devices active; shooter facing downrange in a relaxed stance with arms down at sides.
The drill begins from the holster, pistol loaded with exactly two rounds.
• draw
• fire two (and only two) rounds at the 3×5 box
• perform a slide lock reload
• fire four (and only four) rounds at the 8″ circle
Open top retention (ALS, SERPA) without concealment
add 0.50 seconds to the final score.
Flap/retention mag pouch subtract 0.50 seconds.
Misses to 3×5 box add 2.00 seconds per miss.
Misses to 8” circle add 1.00 seconds per miss.
10+ seconds: Novice
less than 10 seconds: Intermediate
less than 7 seconds: Advanced
less than 5 seconds: Expert

The only way to get a coin for passing is an expert run under pressure in a Langdon class.

The other drill I personally try to run every range trip is the Shoot 2 Standards from Shane Cardwell from Impact Shooting Center.

This Drill is tough as well. Most of the time you will run it clean and not for time, or run it for time and miss shots. It will be the death of me I swear.

The Shoot 2 Standards):
Range: 7 yards
Start position: weapon concealed or in OWB holster
The drill begins from the holster
• draw
• fire two (and only two) rounds at the 3×5 box
• Repeat for 5 rounds, 5 total draws, and 10 total shots

Scoring: Par time must not exceed 9 seconds total and must be clean (no misses outside the 3×5 card. Line breaks DO count as hits.

.15 second penalty for OWB but NO penalty for level 3 retention

No Mulligans.

I have seen multi-time world champion shooters fail this, I have seen shooters that are on a different level than normal shooters fail this. I have seen Shane pass it himself numerous times and I have seen him fail it as well. It is tough but like the F.A.S.T drill….it will motivate you to fix your flaws.

If you want to take a run at these here are the targets:


Feature Friday

I want to do something cool to showcase the people who work at AIM are not just regular folks who happen to work at a gun shop. I want to show that we have a variety of shooters here from skeet shooting to USPSA competitors. A variety of styles means a variety of firearm setups and uses that hopefully and get you pumped up to do a new build or take a current build in direction you have always wanted.

The first edition of this I want to highlight concealed carry. This area has so many different options and setups and is unique to each individual.

I say variety and then realize we all carry either an M&P or Glock with one person flexing on everyone with a Staccato.

Holsters are a personal choice, most of us run some sort of appendix setup with holsters from Tier 1 or T.Rex arms

Check out the setups from the guys at AimSurplus!


Coming in hot! The AimSurplus crew is proud to introduce the new down range logo. We like the logo so much we threw it on some merch!

You can fill the void of potentially losing a baseball season with these cool baseball tees and hoodies!

AimSurplus Down Range Baseball T-Shirt- X-Large

And if you don’t like the baseball style we have these classic grey shirts.

AimSurplus Down Range T-Shirt X-Large

Get em while they are hot!


Feature Alert!

Pretty cool write up on one of the Norinco Type 54 Tokarev TT-33s we have here at AIM in the January 2022 online issue of the Dillon Blue Press.

We still have some in stock so stop by the showroom and check some out or if you are too far away to swing by we have them listed on the website as well! Pretty cool little firearm with some history behind them.

New Kid On The Block

Hola Amigos.

James here, although if you have met me in the showroom, you will probably know me as Cano.

Recently the folks running this place decided to add another member to our media team and I won the Kumite to earn the role. I love where I work and will miss the showroom. I truly enjoyed helping people find the firearm that was the perfect fit but I am super excited to join Josh upstairs and get you guys some cool product videos and so much more.

A little bit about me for those who care:

I am from California, yes I know… but I left.

I love shooting at Impact Shooting Center with the guys from work or even some customers that have become friends.

I was a Glock guy until I was shown the way of the M&P. I still have some Glocks and I love them still but I am just a better shooter with my M&P.

Here is my daily carry: M&P 2.0 4.25″ with an apex trigger. Trijicon SRO. Floyds Custom Shop magwell and baseplates. Cruxord Mag Release. Optic cut and cerakote from slideworks engineering.

Well with that being said, I better get back to the real work before they make me clean the parking lot with a toothbrush.

I look forward to working with Josh to get you guys some super cool content to check out and hopefully get some more customers for life!


What’s New Wednesday!

Fresh off the truck we have a bunch of JMAC Customs products!

Super cool anodized aluminum stocks in a couple different triangle styles as well as a couple skeleton style stocks as well.

We also got in some new muzzle devices including the LAF Brake so you can really let your komrades know whats up! This thing is going to be Loud and Flashy…see what I did there? In addition to the brake we got in some Key-Mo and Wolfman muzzle devices for your Dead Air Silencer setups! I am a big fan of the handstop included in this picture as well, really slim and perfect for a backpack setup.

We have more from JMAC on the website including more muzzle devices, another stock and a handstop. Hurry up and check them out before they are gone!

P.S. Look how good this skeleton stock looks on an MP5!