Ported Barrels Are So Hot Right Now!

One trend that took off in 2021 was the rise of ported barrels. We had places like Monsoon Tactical, Vulcan Machine Work and Slideworks ENG among a plethora of other places gain in popularity in regards to customer porting work. It’s always funny to look back and see what kind of the trends are popular over the years. A few years ago the “Roland” Builds were the cool things with the comps and matching length lights. The Parker Mountain Machine comps were the next big thing. They started showing up on a ton of firearm platforms. Now Porting seems to be the “recoil Management” system that people are wanting to use.

The whole point of porting your barrel and slide is to get excess gas that leaves the barrel pushed upwards and towards the sky. That means its pushing the gun down so it’s helping mitigate the muzzle flip and rise that people can sometimes struggle with. It really helps for follow up shots. It makes your gun more predictable and therefore easier to shoot fast.

Barrel porting can be expensive because you have to send your slide and barrel off to be machined. You cannot just use a normal ported barrel in a non ported slide. The escaping gas needs to have a place to go. Your slide will end up getting damaged from the excess pressure. So they have to mill a matching window in the slide. Then they have to be repainted or cerakoted and it takes time to get the whole process done. Our barrels take into account the common placement of the top window cut in many of the mainstream slides. You should be able to drop our barrel into most slides and have a perfectly functioning system. If your slide is not pre-cut, then we do sell our own slides that have a perfect cut window for the ports.

Shooting a gun with ports is just a little nicer in the recoil management department. There is less felt recoil and the ability to stay on target for follow up shots and shooting fast is a huge positive. We can see why porting your handguns has become so popular lately. Plus, in some instances. Just having the top window and some burnt up porting holes looks pretty sweet.

We are currently offering these barrels in 3 different finishes and will have different sizes coming soon. Right now they are only for the Glock 19. Head to our website and check them out for yourself. They won’t last very long since they are pretty unique to the industry right now. Grab one and let us know if you can feel the difference with our ported barrels!

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