PVC Patches!

It’s an exciting time! Things are changing and big things are happening here at AimSurplus! For the first time ever we have PVC Patches! These things are something you will find all around the gun industry. There is a weird collector/status symbol association with them. Lots of vendors give exclusive ones out during SHOT, companies do limited releases of them and influencers always seem to have a new one coming out.

We finally hopped onto the trend and have given people what they want! We have our ever so popular Stars and Stripes Logo patch. This is a rubber material on one side and a velcro hook and look material on the other. This allows you to slap the patch onto any bag or plate carrier or patch wall that you might have. I know all of our guys are currently rocking a patch on their plate carrier or their backpack. It’s just a cool way to show your support of a company that different than the mainstream places.

We have these patches up on the website right now and there are plenty of them. They are way cheaper than most places and super high quality.

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