Zev OZ9

Almost 2 years ago now we got the change to go out to the range and actually put some rounds through some of these cool pistols from Zev.

We did an entire YouTube video comparing them to the other “not a Glock” guns out there. Like the Shadow Systems MR920 and the Faxon Patriots. These guns were shot a bunch and they were tested in holsters, form and function. They all ran like tops but overall the Zev felt the most quality. I think that still holds true today many years later.

They have since released several different variations of the first gun we tested. They have the combat now which is slightly cheaper and leans more towards not a “Gucci” gun and a few other lines with threaded barrels and different colors. Frames with different sizes and slides with different cuts. They have basically just added more Gucci to the Gucci.

The OZ9 just radiates quality and has that feel of a high end gun. Something you just don’t get with some of the other competitors. The coolest thing about them though is the ability to just easily swap parts and frames and change the size of the gun entirely. Very similar to the P320 platform. I think the modularity side of the industry is where we are going to start seeing companies shine. Lots of modular products coming in the next few years if I had to guess. We have already seen some successful products survive and become popular enough to be mainstream.

We have a couple different variations of these Zev’s in stock right now. Consider heading over to the website to grab one and see what all the Hype is about.

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