Detroit PD Marked M&Ps

Welcome back to the world of police trade-in firearms! This time for your consideration we have some good conditioned M&P40s from the great city of Detroit Michigan! If that isn’t a department mark calling your name then IDK if there is a better one out there that will.

In all seriousness though, PD marked guns have started to become collector items. As most departments transition out older firearms and move into new ones, they sell of their old stuff. This doesn’t happen for every department very often and there aren’t always huge numbers of the guns to begin with. It’s quite literally limited to the number of Officers they have.

If you are from Detroit or have some sort of connection to the city, then this is the kind of cool “one of a kind” gun most people are always on the hunt for. With normal surplus from across the globe basically hitting a standstill, these are the things you should be looking for as a collector. This batch is in great shape and as always show signs of wear. However these have been on the nicer side of the scale.

It’s hard to pass up a decent priced used MP40 in the first place, let alone adding a PD parked slide to the mix. If you don’t have one or have been on the fence about getting one its time to stop sitting around and to make the move! Our website has them listed and we have tons of review and parts and upgrades on the off chance you wanna take it to the extreme. Grab one while you can!

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