Stars and Stripes Galore!

Shotguns and shotgun ammo are possibly one of the only things that during the whole pandemic didn’t disappear. Which I find strange because when we had 2hr lines outside of the shop as the pandemic was starting, every liberal who wanted their first gun just wanted a Shotgun. Believe it or not, we even had customers that just wanted the gun and no ammo. They had always heard that just the sound of you racking the pump would scare away any intruders.

Needless to to say those of us who are normal gun owners know that is just a ridiculous myth and an absurd reasoning to buying a firearm. You need ammo for every gun. That’s not something I would say is really negotiable, nor is it something I thought I would ever need to say in general.

When handguns were drying up and when ammo was slowly doing the same. We saw a big influx of shotguns come in and plenty of ammo to go with it. I think that there has been an insanely large back stock of shotguns and the ammo for it. Lots of first time gun buyers were picking them up but the average gun owner was looking for handguns and other rifles. So they sold well, but not to everyone. Plus there are a ton of different types of shotgun ammo and the average gun owner might not understand what is what when shopping for it.

We tried to make it easy for people. If you were looking for a shotgun and ammo for it, we had the simple setup. We basically only carried 1 of each type of shell. If you wanted self defense ammo, we had it. If you wanted bird shot or buck shot or even a round for shooting clays, we had it. Right now we still have a bunch of shotgun ammo in stock and we are making good deals on it! If you buy a case of the Stars and Stripes, we now offer to ship it to your door for free. Plus there is a quantity discount for buying a case. While most of the gun world is arguing about raising prices and gouging, we are over here making deals and putting ammo on sale!