It’s A Lancer Party!

Yesterday we talked about how cool the Duramag aluminum mags were and about how they dominate the color mags when it comes to the metal options. Now, let’s talk about some Lancer Mags. Lancer is very similar in their dominance. They dominate the Polymer side of the pretty color magazines.

They don’t have quite as many colors, but they do something that Duramag does a little different. Duramag has a large supply and keeps them stocked at almost all times. Lancer however keeps them stocked a little more exclusively. You might go a few months without seeing red mags. (Like we are now) Doing so drives the demand up for them to the next level.

They are known for their translucent magazines and the colors they do tend to be vibrant and full of color. Plus you can still see your rounds in the mag through the color. This makes them almost the best of both world. They have become popular in a number of places and Lancer mags have always been known fo their quality. The color mags are no different. The reinforced feed lips tend to solve the issues that a lot of guys that avoid polymer mags have.

If you don’t own any Lancer mags I would definitely recommend picking some up. Especially if you can get your hands on the rare red and blue ones. They aren’t made in the same quantities as the FDE and purple it appears. So if you manage to get some, you’ll be able to flex on some of your friends.