With the slow stream of products dribbling in daily, we are starting to get actual stock of products that we actually want or care about. For the longest time, you couldn’t walk into a gun store and even see a lower because they were all selling out before they made it to the floor.

Right now we have a full warehouse. All the products we have had on order are starting to show up and we actually have stock on things for once. It’s a good sign and a bad sign all at the same time. It’s good because it means that manufacturers are starting to catch up with production. The downside is that means the purchasing has started to slow down. Before we were at a crazy pace where things were selling faster than manufacturers could produce. Now that the manufacturers have picked back up, the buyers are starting to slow down. Hopefully, it starts to even itself out because the industry could honestly start to spiral in the opposite direction than what we have had. Basically, go from 1 extreme to another.

I would enjoy it if we could just be stable for a little while where the demand is predictable and the supply is there. Right now we are dancing around that delicate balance but depending on who says what in the political atmosphere, we could easily sway either way and see the industry get crazy again.

With all that being said. If you’ve been holding off on building because of the availability or even pricing. Now is a good time to dip your toes back in because You have plenty of access to all the popular lowers, rails and barrels are readily available and the ammo is starting to show back up. Check out the website if you haven’t in a while and I promise you’ll find something you have been wanting to grab!