M&P Mags out the Wazoo, let me tell you what that means for You!

There is a very common debate going on in the gun industry and it’s a debate that has been going on for years. What is the correct number of magazines to have for each gun?

As you read that you probably stated that magic number you came up with within your head. Was it 5? 10? 2? 15? Either way, the answer seems to always be different to each person. I will say that I am a firm believer in a minimum of 2. One for the gun and an extra to practice a reload. I wouldn’t have a gun with just 1 magazine. I’d always try and get more. That doesn’t tell me what the MAX is though? Is there one? Some people have the same rule, but it’s 5. That is probably the most common one I hear. That’s specifically for handguns though. If you talk to an AK or an AR owner. The answer is that you literally cannot have enough.

With the constant fear that some states have about magazines becoming regulated and scarce, or even banned. You typically see rifle guys squirreling away magazines everywhere in their house. Even buying mags just every time you make a trip to the store. 2 or 3 here, 5 for Christmas, 10 for your birthday. Whatever it is.

Right now we have a chance for you to treat your handgun mags the same way as your rifle mags. Very rarely are handgun magazines ever as cheap as an AR magazine. Right now though, we have M&P9 and .40Cal magazines used in stock. We have several hundreds of each and now is the time to buy! Used magazines do not stay in stock too often because of the rarity. Don’t miss your chance and head over to the website and get ahead of the curve!